Comcover Insurance and Risk Management Conference – National Museum of Australia

23 March 2010

Journey to Excellence

Comcover's March Conference was an informative event, showcasing the award winning agencies from the 2009 Comcover Awards for Excellence in risk management. Fund Members were given the opportunity to experience the challenges these Agencies managed on their ‘Journey to Excellence.’

Each of the presenters provided the audience with an insight into how they incorporated strong risk management processes, effective governance, innovation and communication into their agency’s culture.

As the subject matter may be of interest to all Fund Members, we have published the Conference presentations on this webpage.

Review each of the agencies’s winning nominations.

Session 1

Stephanie Gunn – Deputy General Manager, Coordination of Risk Policy and Framework,
National Blood Authority
National Blood Authority Presentation [PDF Document 1.6 MB]

Session 2 – Concurrent Sessions

Craig Tigwell – Risk Management Coordinator, Corporate Division, Bureau of Meteorology
Bureau of Meteorology Presentation [PDF Document 557 KB]

David Slater – Manager in Business Quality and Business Improvement,
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Presentation [PDF Document xxx KB]

Tony Jordan – Manager for Insurance and Risk, Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Australian Maritime Safety Authority Presentation [PDF Document 132 KB]

Session 3

Prerana Mehta – Governance Manager, Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)
Australian Trade Commission Presentation [PDF Document 194 KB]

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