Comcover Insurance and Risk Management Conference - National Portrait Gallery

21 July 2010

Organisational Resilience

  • understanding
  • planning
  • implementing
  • testing

Feedback provided from those that attended this conference indicate that it was informative and a useful opportunity to exchange ideas.  It provided agencies with insight into the meaning of organisational resilience, including key aspects to be considered when building organisational resilience.  As the subject matter is of interest to all Fund Members papers presented on the day are available.  Click on any of the links below to view a full copy of any of the presentations.

Mr Grant Whitehorn, Senior Associate,
Arup Australia
Building Organisational Resilience in the Public Sector. Understand the concept of organisational resilience by identifying critical factors that contribute to building a resilient organisation.
Arup Australia Presentation [PDF Document 682 KB]

Mr Paul Holman, Operations Manager, Specialist Emergency Response Department,
Ambulance Victoria

The Summer of 2009: ‘Visited by hell and all its fury’ - Ambulance Victoria’s response to the 2009 Victorian Bushfires.
Ambulance Victoria Presentation [PDF Document 27 KB]

Mr Amardeep Singh, Business Continuity Coordinator, Audit, Evaluation and Risk Management,
IP Australia
The Cycle of Continuous Improvement: planning-testing-reviewing – How to plan and test your agency’s response before the need to implement arises.
IP Australia Presentation [PDF Document 422 KB]

Mr Sean Cody, Partner, Deloitte Risk Services and Ms Tracie-Ann Maher, Director, Risk Management Services, Comcover
An overview of the results of the 2010 Risk Management Benchmarking Survey.
Risk Management Benchmarking Surve Presentation [PDF Document 492 KB]

Ms Lyle Lawson, Account Manger, Comcover Member Services
Changes to the 2010-11 Comcover Policy wording.

Comcover Policy wording Presentation [PDF Document 193 KB]

Mr Marc Mowbray-D’Arbela, Legislative Review Branch, Department of Finance
Overview of amendments to the Regulations of the Financial Management and Accountability Act, 1997.
Legislative Review Branch Presentation [PDF Document 441 KB]

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