Government Services Environment


The Government Services Environment (GSE) is an initiative managed by Finance to deliver whole of government services to Australian government.

This is a part of Finance’s work towards integrated government by:

  • facilitating and generating cross agency services and knowledge sharing benefits
  • aligning IT capabilities to changing user needs
  • ensuring value for money in IT through leveraging existing infrastructure and services.

GSE Services

The online services that Finance provides through the GSE include:

govCMS is a whole of government content management and website hosting service for Australian Government entities. Using govCMS, entities are able to create and manage unclassified websites cost effectively and in compliance with Australian government standards. It offers a flexible, comprehensive, end-to-end service suitable for all website needs, including everything from design through to implementation and managed hosting. It is intended to support more effective web channel delivery functions within government, and enables entities to redirect effort from non-core activities to activities that are more align with their core missions.

The govdex service provides an online communications platform that supports an access controlled collaboration environment across government entities and their stakeholders. The govdex platform is rated at the security level of For Official Use Only.

The Australian Government Directory is a guide to the structure, organisations and key people in the Australian Government. Information in the site is grouped under the four key arms of government: the Commonwealth Parliament, the Courts, the Governor-General and Australian Government departments and entities.


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Last updated: 19 April 2017