ICT Benchmarking

Federal Government agencies subject to the Financial Management and Accountability Act participate in annual benchmarking of their ICT activities. The Government introduced ICT benchmarking in response to a recommendation of Sir Peter Gershon's Review of the Australian Government's Use of ICT to develop common metrics and conduct benchmarking.

The ICT Benchmarking Framework agreed in June 2009 sets out the objectives of ICT benchmarking: to measure progress in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of ICT services in the delivery of Government programs, and inform other Whole-of-Government ICT policy initiatives. The Framework also defines the annual benchmarking process and agreed metrics. A Financial ICT Taxonomy provides guidance to agencies to ensure the consistent treatment and categorisation of ICT costs.

In accordance with the annual cycle, Finance releases the ICT benchmarking data collection template to agencies in July each year. Agencies return the completed templates in October. Following a data validation and analysis process, Finance provides benchmarking reports to agencies in the third quarter of the financial year. A workspace on AGIMO's GovDex collaboration space has been established to support the agency ICT benchmarking community.

The first round of benchmarking was conducted for 2007-08 as part of agencies' ICT Business as usual (BAU) reviews. Benchmarking has been conducted annually since then. Information on the Government's ICT expenditure, sourced from the benchmarking data, is available on this website (see below).

Cross-jurisdictional ICT benchmarking

The Online and Communications Council (OCC) agreed in November 2009 to progress standardised ICT performance measurement across government commencing with a progressive implementation of a common ICT taxonomy.

The OCC operated as the peak ministerial forum across governments for ICT issues of national importance, before being disbanded in accordance with a decision of the Council of Australian Governments in February 2011 to reform the ministerial council system. The e-government matters which were part of the OCC agenda continue through the Cross-Jurisdictional CIO Committee (CJCIOC), which provides a cross-jurisdictional response to ICT issues that span jurisdictional boundaries.

The CJCIOC agreed in May 2010 that to give effect to the OCC's November 2009 decision, the Commonwealth Government would coordinate a cross jurisdictional benchmarking exercise. This exercise will begin with the 2010-11 data and is currently being implemented.


All ICT Benchmarking publications are available on the GovDex workspace at www.govdex.gov.au/confluence/display/ICTB/Home.

For GovDex access, which is available to agency personnel please contact ICTBenchmarking@finance.gov.au.

Contact details for ICT Benchmarking

For enquiries on ICT Benchmarking, call (02) 6215 1744 or e-mail.

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