Announcement of service provider for the new digital collaboration service

John Sheridan - CIO & CISO

I am pleased to announce that Finance has selected Data#3 to help deliver a new whole-of-government collaboration service, the Govdex Replacement project.

Data#3 will provide a Software-as-a-Service solution on the public cloud using Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Finance will use an agile approach to deliver the service, working closely with Data#3 and several government agencies. The aim is to design, develop and evolve a service offering that is driven by, and responsive to, user needs.

The new Govdex will provide Government employees and their industry partners with a modern collaboration environment through which they can connect, interact, and coordinate work efforts, seamlessly, across organisational and geographical boundaries. This will help drive public sector productivity and innovation.

The core capabilities of the replacement service will include:

  • Real-time collaboration – members will be able to connect, share and work together using document sharing, real-time document co-authoring, and instant messaging.
  • Online profiles – members will be able to easily discover each other and work together by searching persistent profiles detailing the skills, experience and interests of each member. 
  • Discoverable communities – members who administer a community will have the option of an open, semi-private, or private community. The level of access will determine the visibility of the community to other members who might want to be involved.

The new service will be hosted in a cloud environment that is certified for official information, up to Unclassified with a dissemination-limiting marker (such as For Official Use Only).

The team will contact existing users in February with detailed information on the implementation.  Information about the migration process for existing users will be communicated in April.

If you would like further information, please contact


Comments (2)

I am a Director in the Department of Defence, and specifically within the newly formed Joint Capability Group (JCG). The Group is responsible for major capabilities that are common across all parts of the military (ie not just Army or Navy or Air Force). In support of the Chief, I coordinate many capability development activities across several programs and assist in engagement with industry and other Government agencies. The replacement to Govdex could (should) be useful to us. Apart from providing announcements in 2018 on what has been decided and what is happening, are you engaging with other departments on their requirements? If so, can you please advise who is representing Defence interests?
Phone: 02 6265 4481

This new service sounds very promising and something that I could certainly use. Has the process to collect user requirements for the new service been wrapped up already? Who participated? Was there a contact from the ATO involved?

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Last updated: 22 January 2018