Standards: JTC1 SAC – Meeting 15 – February 2016

John Sheridan - CIO & CISO

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Hello All, 

On Wednesday, 3rd February 2016 I chaired the fifteenth meeting of the ISO/IEC’s Joint Technical Committee 1 Strategic Advisory Committee  (JTC 1 SAC).  Below is a summary of the minutes and an update of the work that JTC 1 SAC has been progressing.

JTC 1 SAC Committee constitution changes

After  5+ years as the ISO/IEC JCT 1/SC 40 Chair, I have decided it’s time to hand over the baton to someone else.  I have enjoyed my time as Chair and wish my replacement all the best.

I called for an expression of interest for a replacement as the Chair. Standards Australia will maintain management of the International Secretariat on behalf of JTC 1.

JTC 1 future funding, support and key priorities, financial year 2015- 2016

Damian Fisher provided the following update:

  • Standards Australia development in the IT sector will support the requirement for interoperability including the need to effectively share data, and to send and receive information using a standardised format or software language
  • The committee will also support the international work of the IT sector, ensuring Australia is positioned accordingly in this space
  •  Key priorities:
    • The promotion of IT governance standards development activities through forums/workshops
    • The harmonization of standards for the movement of data across APEC economies, noting there are prospects for a follow up project
    • Other sectors of IT selected by JTC 1 SAC members as priority standards development focus areas include the following:
      • IT security techniques
      • Accessibility
      • Cloud computing
      • Sustainability for/by IT
  • Australia is currently involved in 13 areas across JTC 1’s growing work stream
  • Standards Australia encourages the socialisation of this area with key stakeholders and members to build this space

JTC 1 Priorities in 2015/16 and beyond

Ian Oppermann, from CSIRO, stated that the IEC will focus on new technologies and data, such as data interchange, interoperability, cross border data flow etc.  There is also a need to boost engagement in activities and to bring in new resources, for example Smart Cities.

JTC 1 Key Areas of Priority

Wayne Hawkins from ACCAN provided the following update on the ICT Accessibility Standard:

  • Standards Australia hosted a ICT Accessibility Forum on 4 February 2016 in response to a proposal from ACCAN, Department of Finance and Human Rights Commission for a Direct Text Adoption of EN 301 549, the new European Standard on accessibility requirements for public procurement of ICT products and services
  • The forum was attended by a number of key stakeholders from a wide cross-section of representatives from government, industry and consumers
  • ACCAN has offered to chair the Australian technical committee when established
  • If there is strong support for the Direct Text Adoption, the project can be approved and commenced outside of prioritisation rounds and could be completed in as little as five months

JTC 1/SC 40 – IT Service Management and IT Governance – update

  • The next plenary session will be held in China in May 2016
  • The Australian Mirror Committee (IT-030) recently published SA/SNZ TS 8019 around the realisation of benefits in IT enabled investments, which is planned to become a NWIP under SC 40 in due course
  • Work is in progress on revising  the multi-part 20000 series
  • There were also some discussions around whether another working group be formed to address the increasing project load

JTC 1/SC 38 – Cloud Computing and Distributed Platforms – Update

John Zic from CSIRO and Geoff Clarke from AIIA provide the following update:

  • The meeting in Dublin in October 2015 faced concern over the roles of experts versus national bodies; this tension is still work in progress
  • Majority of IT-038 activity falls within three of the working groups:
  • Working Group 3: Cloud Computing Service Level Agreements
    • Current work on SLA is wrapping up
    • Security and privacy was passed over to SC 27 Information Security Techniques
    • Objective to allow consumers and end users to compare cloud service offerings
  • Working Group 4: Cloud Computing Interoperability and Portability
    • There are challenges in portability, such as moving applications from one cloud to another
  • Working Group 5: Cloud Computing Data and its Flow
    • A Committee Draft was recently passed
    • Controversy around what is personal data and what belongs to the cloud provider

JTC 1 Smart Cities – September 2015 meeting update

Geoff Clarke from AIIA provided the following update

  • Last meeting was in September in Montreal and the report can be accessed here:
    • Discussed definitions, models, needs and requirements
    • Proposed a recommendation to JTC 1 on changing the structure of the Study Group
    • Working Group 11 on Smart Cities was formed as a result
  • Recent New Work Item Proposal for smart city indicators and ICT framework around Smart Cities
  • ISO/IEC World Smart Cities Forum in Singapore in July hosted by SPRING

JTC 1 Plenary Meeting – Beijing, China October 2015 – Update

I provide the following feedback from the JTC 1 Plenary Meeting held in Beijing last October. 

  • At the Plenary there were discussions around new areas of technology to be addressed:
    • Wearables
    • 3D Printing
    • Smart Machines
  • The Joint Advisory Group (JAG) was established, which covers:
    • Management
    • Planning
    • Directives
  • Smart Cities Working Group was formed
  • Discussion around increasing consumer participation
  • Much consideration underway about changing the reporting format
  • Developing Countries Workshop was useful; growing interest among developing countries to get involved
    • Opportunity for outreach by JTC 1

JTC1 in the Media

The JTC Project Manager, Torrin Marquardt provided the following media update:

  • Standards Australia focuses on media engagement that boosts the profile and relevance of the organisation and its stakeholders
    • Addresses the lack of awareness and understanding of the nature of Standards Australia
    • Caters to many audiences: government and policymakers, members, and businesses and the  general public, etc
    • Active in many forms: E-news, media releases/statements, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), etc
  • JTC 1 SAC should use Standards Australia’s media to repackage information to increase interest and awareness among stakeholders and members
  • APEC Cross-Border Data Flows is a good example:
    • Issues Paper
    • Joint media releases with Treasury/Minister O’Dwyer
    • Article in Pulse IT magazine
    • Further media to come after recommendations report are finalised and presented to APEC SMEWG
  • Digital Hospitals Handbook project is another example covered in our media

Other Business

The Senior International Development Manager, Damien Fisher provided an update on the following:

APEC Cross-Border Data Flows

  • The workshop report includes recommendations and is waiting for approval from Australian Government - Treasury and then it will be distributed to participants
  • Opportunity for recommendations to be shared at next APEC SMEWG meeting in April 2016 in Vietnam
  • Karen Higginbottom Chair of ISO/IEC JTC 1 and Lisa Rajchel, Secretary from JTC 1 participated in the workshop
  • Australia should continue to play a role in this space

IT-039 Digital Hospitals

  • Project developing the world’s first handbook on application technology for the advancement of hospitals
  • Strong support from Victorian government
  • November as target for finalisation of handbook

ICT Governance Forum

  • Agenda is not yet finalised but further information will be circulated
  • To be held on 5 April 2016
  • Opportunity to promote recent publication of the Technical Specification SA/SNZ TS 8019:2016 Governance of benefits realization for IT enabled investments. Possible intention to put this through as an international New Work Item Proposal on behalf of Australia

Smart ICT Public Hearing

  • Standards Australia provided a submission to the smart ICT public hearing
  • Varant Meguerditchian will be in Canberra to attend the public hearing

Joint trade and investment growth research and innovation public inquiry

  • Standards Australia is keen to provide input to this public inquiry
  • JTC 1 input is welcome
  • Highlights how standards can support the innovation agenda

Thanks for reading and if you’d like to keep up with developments in standards you can follow updates here.

As always, your comments and feedback are welcome below.

John Sheridan

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