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As announced by the Minister of Finance, Finance has completed the tender process for the establishment of a Whole of Government Cloud Services Panel. This Panel will be in place for two years with options to extend for up to another four years The first panellists to be added to the Cloud Services Panel include:

  • Agile Digital Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Anchor Systems Pty Ltd
  • ASG Group Limited
  • Aurionpro Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Avanade Australia Pty Ltd
  • Avoka Technologies Pty Ltd
  • BSTTech Consulting Pty Ltd trading as Archtis
  • Callida Pty Ltd
  • Cogito Group Pty Ltd
  • Connexxion Pty Limited
  • Datacom Systems (ACT) Pty Ltd
  • Dialog Pty Limited
  • Digital (Digest) Data Design Pty Ltd
  • Digital Pacific Pty Ltd
  • Digital Sense Hosting Pty Ltd
  • Doll Martin Associates Pty Ltd
  • Ethan Group Pty Ltd
  • F1 Solutions Pty Limited
  • Financials For Office365 Pty. Ltd.
  • Forward IT Pty Ltd
  • Fuji Xerox BusinessForce Pty Limited
  • GoHosting Pty Ltd
  • GoSource Pty Ltd
  • Gruden Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd
  • HCL Australia Services Pty Ltd.
  • IBM Australia Ltd
  • Inspection Apps Pty Ltd
  • iQ3 Pty. Ltd.
  • Jadu Software Pty. Ltd.
  • Link Web Services Pty Ltd
  • Logicalis Australia Pty Limited
  • Macquarie Telecom Pty Ltd
  • Mantis Industries Pty Ltd as trustee for the Mantis Investment Trust
  • Merewyn Partners Pty Ltd
  • Microsoft Pty Limited
  • Mitel South Pacific Pty Ltd
  • NEC IT Services Australia Pty Ltd
  • Nextright Pty Ltd
  • NGA.NET Pty Ltd
  • Oobe Pty Ltd
  • Redcore Pty Ltd
  • Sliced Tech Pty Ltd
  • Third Horizon Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Vintek Pty Ltd
  • Wallis Nominees (Computing) Pty. Ltd.
  • Webqem Pty Ltd
  • WM360 Pty. Ltd.
  • Zettagrid Pty Ltd

This new arrangement will accomplish a major milestone in the implementation of the Australian Government Cloud Computing Policy and in continuing to deliver on the eGovernment and the Digital Economy pre-election commitments.

The Cloud Services Panel aims to provide agencies scalable and flexible cloud services via industry offerings and agencies will be able to procure Cloud Services across IAAS, PAAS, SAAS and Cloud Specialist services.

Use of the Cloud Services Panel is optional for agencies at all levels of government, however, in accordance with the cloud computing policy, government departments and agencies are required to adopt cloud services for new and refreshed ICT capabilities where it the cloud services are fit for purpose, provide adequate protection of government data and deliver value for money.

A fact sheet has been developed to provide further information.

Further announcements will be made in the coming weeks.

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Can you please let me know how we can be included on this panel.

Kind regards,
David Ryan
[email snipped for privacy]

Are they kidding? Why is the cloud market leader, Amazon Web Services, not included?

@David Our plan is to allow new suppliers to apply in a panel refresh in about 12-18 months. The panel is designed to allow panellists approved for a category to add additional services in that as they wish to and to add new categories at the regular refresh points.


John Sheridan

@Stephen Finance doesn't control which suppliers submit tenders. As the post says, more approved panellists are expected to be added as negotiations continue over the next few weeks.


John Sheridan

AWS won't be on the list, until they decide the Federal Government is spending enough money on cloud services to be worth trying to get business from. Right now the Federal Government wants AWS more than AWS wants Federal Government.

It would be nice to have a day of "Cloud Exhibition and Seminar" of this panel.

Is there are a separate document or link where I can find out what services are provided by this panel for agencies.

Great to see this panel come together. I'm sure it will be very helpful for Government cloud procurement over the years ahead. Thanks for the ongoing efforts in getting it established.

Thanks for the ongoing interest. We are planning a brieifng for public servants on the panel and the provision of documentation. This will be done via the agency CIO network from my staff.

@Steve DC - cheers. We hope it is good for vendors too.


John Sheridan

Good to see government taking input from boutique to large companies to work out the right strategy and plan to adopt cloud. It will be interesting to know how much cost reduction is expected from adopting cloud.

What level of assessment of the service providers environment was performed as part of this panel review? Did it require ASD ISM compliance/certification?

Toby we are very interested in that point to. Do we assume that the panel members have the proper security accreditation to store say protected data?

Is there a date set for the ICT procurement portal to be available?
Warwick Gresty
Project Director BSIP, ACIAR

The RFT required all services to be assessed for their compliance with the Essential Characteristics of Cloud Services as defined by NIST. In addition if the services to be listed were above the classification of “unclassified”, a Tenderer would be required to provide Finance evidence to support this claim.

Depending on the services being offered by providers to Entities,  the security certifications may include one or more of the following:

  1. Gateway certification by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD);
  2. IT security audit by a certified Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessor;
  3. Security vetting of the Tenderer’s staff in accordance with the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA);
  4. ASIO-T4 protective security audit of the Tenderer’s data centre by the Australia Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO);
  5. Continuing compliance with ‘Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber Intrusions’ by ASD; and
  6. Any other relevant jurisdictional requirements or standards.

Thanks Warwick

Invitations will be sent to CIOs in the next couple of days inviting agencies to the information sessions. Should you have an urgent requirement please contact

Is there still vacancies on the Public Cloud Service Provider Panel? If not will there be in the future?


Most of these players will give us an umbrella to adopt their cloud if it rains. Is this list some kind of a joke ? Where is the market leader AWS and SaaS provider ?. The fact they didnt respond to the tender says a lot. This is half if the problem with these tenders total waste of tax payers money!!.

I think its better to say government does not adopt cloud.

Hello AJ,

The list above only contains the panellists announced when the panel was introduced. There have been many additional panellists added since. Services from both Amazon Web Services and Singapore Pte Ltd are now available for purchase through the panel.

Additional information about the panel, including a full list of suppliers, can be found on the AusTender website.



I was just wondering what the application process is to be added to this list.

Kind Regards,

Cameron Sutherland
Managing Director
Host Geek

Last updated: 08 September 2016