The Commonwealth Contracting Suite Online - NOW AVAILABLE

John Sheridan - CIO & CISO
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I am pleased to announce that the Commonwealth Contracting Suite Online (CCS) is now available for Commonwealth Government entities for procurement under $200k.

CCS Online Homepage

Commonwealth Government entities can now prepare their procurement documentation quickly and consistently and there’s built-in help when needed. CSS Online outputs the Approach to Market and corresponding suppliers’ Response to Approach to Market documents simultaneously in editable documents, and similarly, produces the Contract based on options selected.

CCS Online saves time by stripping out duplication and complexity and information required in more than one place will be consistent and accurate because it flows through automatically. The time savings allow procurement officers to focus on the important areas of the procurement process such as developing accurate, clear and concise specifications and evaluating responses.

Suppliers now have the assurance of a consistent set of Approach to Market terms, Contract terms, and a suite of familiar looking documents when responding to any Commonwealth government entity.

I expect that the suite will assist  entities in keeping their procurement activities within the scope and scale of the overall procurement, remembering that the Commonwealth Procurement Rules require achieving value for the money spent on procurements, including process costs. 

Keeping it simple will also enable potential suppliers to minimise their costs and maximize their benefits and potentially improving their responses.

The CCS Online continues the streamlining and standardisation of procurement across the Commonwealth. I look forward to hearing of the efficiencies you achieve from using the suite.

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Last updated: 24 August 2016