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The team are very pleased to announce today that we have added 2,503 new datasets in collaboration with Geoscience Australia and the Spatial Policy Branch in the Department of Communications. The data is hosted by Geoscience Australia and includes current and historical data ranging from full web services to old scientific manuals.

The largest part of the new collection is around 1500 datasets of location information from all around Australia. Australia is divided up into a series of location tiles and each tile has a series of data associated with it. We have implemented spatial coverage metadata for so that you can more easily browse data by location (or search). To see datasets that relate to your location, including from the new Geoscience Australia data series, you can select an area with the map tool at the bottom of the left hand sidebar from the datasets page. As an example, see the datasets relating to the ACT region.

The Geoscience Australia broader public collection includes almost 20,000 sources but most of these do not include raw machine readable datasets so we have not included them on You can find the other 17,500 or so resources at the GeoScience Australia Metadata Gateway, including documents such as old scanned manuals, scanned images of maps, hardcopy resources, and historic, but still useful, information sources. Many of the resources are freely available for download under Creative Commons BY licences. Some have an associated charge which is generally where the data is only available in an offline format and there is a cost to distribute it to you. We have included an index dataset of all 20,000 Geoscience Australia data and non-data resources here to assist in discoverability.

You can find the new data published under the Geoscience Australia organisation on

The Geoscience Australia datasets on include:

On the GeoScience Australia Metadata Gateway you will also find:

  • 8,462 PDFs including a large range of largely historic resources including scientific manuals and reports;
  • 7,143 offline only resources (eg hardcopy, print, DVD, CD, 3.5”, etc), available for the cost of distribution (available through the
  • 2,460 zip files including a range of formats from CSV to KML to PDF;
  • In total, 9,002 resources have some associated charge, though almost 549 of those have free online downloadable versions available as well.

The team are prioritising the high-value datasets identified by the public on the new Data Request Site as well as new data sets and listing useful data web services across the public service. We are in discussions with a number of government departments to improve the discoverability and reuse of their data so in the coming months you will see even more resources on Make sure you submit and vote up the datasets that you want to see on the Data Request Site.

Last updated: 17 August 2016