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John Sheridan - CIO & CISO
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Following the recent Request for Proposal process, I am pleased to announce Finance has engaged the services of Acquia Inc. to support the provision of the Government Content Management System. 

Acquia will provide Software-as-a-Service on the Public Cloud using Drupal open source software.  Acquia will partner with several local businesses so that govCMS can offer a comprehensive service from website design and development through to support and managed operations.   

I’m excited that, through govCMS, we’ll be offering a cost effective content management and website hosting solution to Commonwealth entities.  govCMS will provide entities with the opportunity to create and manage websites, based on best practice and compliant with Australian Government standards, including security and accessibility.  Removing the burden for entities of having to own and manage software or infrastructure should allow them to focus more on their core business.  

Work on the migration of and to the govCMS platform has commenced.  In line with standard procedures for govCMS, these sites will be released following a comprehensive quality assurance process.  govCMS will be broadly available to Commonwealth Government entities from February 2015.  I will provide further details about the official launch of govCMS through the blog in due course.


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Hi John,

now that Acquia not-so-surprisingly won the contract, are you going to disclose any details of the contract including pricing?


Petr Palas, CEO, Kentico Software

Hi Petr

Thanks for your email. Just to be clear, the evaluation for this work was conducted completely in accordance with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and, as the delegate, I was satisfied, and am accountable for the decision, that the proposal by Acquia presented the best value for money for the Commonwealth.

As is the case for all contracts signed by the Commonwealth above $10,000, the contract details will be published at within the required 42 days from signing.



I guess it's likely too late now but I would highly recommend the CMS from 2excel as it:

1) features on-page editing which makes it super easy for non-technical people to use,
2) is responsive by default which is becoming all the more important in a mobile-first world,
3) is also cloud hosted so does not incur any infrastructure issues or costs.

We use it for our business website, Carpet Cleaning Adelaide and are very happy with it.


Thanks for your comment Aron. As you suggest it is too late now as the decision has already been made.


Have yet to have a look at the full scope of the proposal, but was wondering if this arrangement permits cloud hosing other 3rd party web delivered applications (eg LMS') using a SaaS model?

Ben R, Project Manager, IP Australia


Will the services be available to ACT Gov if required?

Is the cloud infrastructure located solely within Australia? Who is the contact to obtain further info?



Thanks for your enquiry. Yes the govCMS service is available to all tiers of government and the govCMS data centre is located in Australia. You can contact the govCMS team directly at for further information.

The scope of the SaaS offering and related hosting contracted with Acquia is restricted to solutions based on the Open Source Drupal CMS.

So Learning Management Systems (LMS) based on Drupal could potentially be hosted through this arrangement. You can contact the govCMS team by email at for further information.

If the LMS used another technology, you may wish to follow the thread we have for the broader Cloud Services Panel which is out to tender at the moment.

Thanks Marcel

Last updated: 24 August 2016