New Media: An Australian Government Perspective

John Sheridan - CIO & CISO
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Hello All,

Recently the Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) hosted a delegation from the Singapore Government. Given my interest in government use of new media I was asked to speak about the evolving nature of the (social) media cycle and the need for the public service to be informed about engaging online.

To my knowledge the Australian Public Service makes use of 172 Twitter accounts and 123 Facebook pages. There are also a range of blogs, YouTube and Flickr accounts. That’s just in my jurisdiction. What does APS use all these accounts for? Well…. It’s a range of things; be it conversation, broadcast, marketing or media monitoring. In the transcript below I explore some of the challenges we’ve observed and highlight the opportunities for improvement. My slides are available on Haiku Deck and the transcript is available for download below:

I hope the above has inspired you to interact with the APS via social media. If you’re keen to get started there’s a list available on If you have any questions or comments I look forward to reading them below. You can also catch me on #gov2au, #AusGovIT, #AusGovBuy or @AusGovCTO.


PS: If you’re reading this and you run a social media account that’s not on our list please let us know. My team can help you to get verified on these platforms.


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Comments (3)

It's never been so easy to have your say on things involving the government. Very important that they keep a close eye on social media and interact with the public to ensure everyone is as close to being on the same page as possible! Tim

Great presentation. Out of curiosity how would you rate the ICT's private industry engagement (e.g. Vendors, Resellers and Service Providers) with Government? Is Gov getting regular and "relevant" content from Industry? I am interested in your feedback. [email snipped for privacy]

Hi Gail,

We’ve snipped your email address from your comment for privacy.

Thank you for your kind words about the presentation.  In general we are very pleased with the engagement we receive from all areas of the public. It helps us not only with transparency but also in making evidence based decisions. If you’re interested in some of the more spirited discussions we’ve had on the blog two good examples are GovCMS and Common Operating Environment Policy.


Last updated: 23 August 2016