Guest Post: First Version of Guidelines for Publishing Linked Data released

Allan Barger

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The following guest post was submitted by Armin Haller from the CSIRO. Armin is the chair of the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group (AGLDWG).

The Australian Government Linked Data Working group (AGLDWG) is pleased to announce the release of a first version of a set of guidelines for the publishing of Linked Datasets on at:

The term Linked Data here refers to a set of best practices for publishing and connecting structured data on the Web. By publishing Linked Data on the Web, the Web becomes a platform where people and machines can easily interact with data that may originate from anywhere in the world. An important prerequisite for the publishing of Linked Data is the existence of an identification scheme for uniquely defining resources in a Linked Dataset. Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) form a global identification scheme used for Linked Data, similar to telephone numbers in a telephone network. URIs are a key technology to support Linked Data by offering a generic mechanism to identify any kind of resource, such as hospitals, schools, roads, equipment, etc. These identifiers can then be used by anyone who may want to refer or make statements about a particular entity. However, guidelines are needed to form consistent URIs such that resources defined by the Australian Government receive only one unique, authoritative identifier, for example, for the definition of “Ocean water”. 

The “URI Guidelines for publishing Linked Datasets on” document provides a set of general guidelines aimed at helping Australian Government agencies to define and manage URIs for Linked Datasets and the resources described within that are published on The Australian Government Linked Data Working group has developed the report over the last two years while the first datasets under the sub-domain have been published following the patterns defined in this document.

Questions on any of the guidelines can be directed to the Australian Government Linked Data Working group via email at People from organisations that are not yet participating in the working group and who are interested in providing input to future iterations of this guideline document are invited to contact the group.

Kind Regards,

Armin Haller
Chair, Australian Government Linked Data Working Group

Last updated: 23 August 2016