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John Sheridan - CIO & CISO
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I am very pleased to announce the launch of the Commonwealth Contracting Suite (CCS) for procurement under $200k.

Commonwealth entities now have a suite of three documents covering contracting with the Commonwealth Government four typical contracting categories:

  • Goods,
  • Services,
  • Goods and Services, and
  • Consultancies.

Suppliers now have the confidence and stability of an established set of Approach to Market terms, a set of Contracting terms, and a suite of familiar looking contracting documents regardless of which Commonwealth government entity they are approaching for business.

In my previous posts, I sought comment and opinion from potential suppliers, Commonwealth entities and other interested parties on progressive versions of drafts. Many of you will recognize how your participation has shaped the final product, and I thank you sincerely for your contribution.

I am certain that using the CCS will save both suppliers and public servants time and effort in procuring goods and services under $200,000.

I would also like to encourage Commonwealth entities to keep their procurement activities within a realistic scope and scale, and to remember that the Commonwealth Procurement Rules require you to achieve value for the money you spend on procurements, including process costs.  Keeping it simple will also enable potential suppliers to minimise their costs and maximize their benefits.

The CCS has gone a long way to streamlining and standardising terms and conditions across the Commonwealth and will be further refined over time. The development of an online CCS along with support materials and guidance is already underway and I will BLOG opportunities for you to contribute further as we progress. I look forward to hearing of your successes and, better still, stories of efficiencies you achieve from using the suite.

In particular, I am interested to know, from a user’s perspective,

  1. what works well
  2. what needs improvement and how
  3. is anything missing
  4. is any part too detailed
  5. are there any special terms that should be added
  6. were negotiations necessary, and if yes, on what.

Please post your comments here or send your suggestions and comments to

Comments (3)

The templates are only for procurement of up to $200k, what about templates for contractor services that cost more?
Can I please re-use these for all goods and services that are classified Simple Procurement? They are low risk, have defined tasks, and contractors are working under supervision or the goods are simply computer servers. Thanks.

What do you consider to be the differences between consultancies and services?



Hello Paul,

Thank you for your query regarding the Consultancy and the Services versions of the Commonwealth Contracting Suite (CCS).

The CCS page includes a link to a workflow that assists in determining a consultancy or a service.

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Last updated: 23 August 2016