April 2014 data.gov.au report

Pia Waugh

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Welcome again to our monthly data.gov.au report. April/May is proving to be busy, productive and important time in open data for the Australian Government and data.gov.au team.

We’ve been able to deliver on several of the public requests being made on our data request site where we’re now fulfilled 7 requests.  The last few weeks have seen the release of the 2013 Vote Compass aggregate data and also the disaster events with category impact and location dataset (screenshot below), many thanks to the ABC and the Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub for making these datasets available on the site.  The Australian Taxation Office has also published the Taxation statistics 2011-12 tables, well done guys!

a map visualisation of the disaster events with category impact and location dataset

We’ve been working closely with the Department of Communications on some new guidance for agencies regarding open data, and in helping agencies publish data. The team is working on transitioning the data.gov.au user guide to a public wiki which we envision will be online before the end of May. This will allow us to streamline the publishing of updates and will ensure that agencies will always have the latest version.

We’ve also been working with our developer, data custodians and other stakeholders on several improvements to the function of data.gov.au. These include:

  • integrating CKAN with a Cesium implementation to better visualise spatial and spatially enabled data from data.gov.au. We are doing this in collaboration with the Department of Communications, Geoscience Australia and NICTA;
  • a new data model registry for data custodians to upload their data models along with their datasets to facilitate greater reuse and to help data custodians identify common data models from other agencies. We are doing this in collaboration with the Department of Communications and CSIRO;
  • the ability to public list visualisations, projects and apps which use data.gov.au datasets – documentation to come; and,
  • upcoming implementation of the Tim Berners-Lee 5 star quality plugin to CKAN. We are also considering other measurement tools for data quality. 

We came across an excellent article recently that clearly articulates the difference and intersection between big data, open data and open government. Please see http://www.theguardian.com/public-leaders-network/2014/apr/15/big-data-open-data-transform-government

We have organised some free training for Government data publishers, likely to be delivered in June. So if you are in Government and interested in training about publishing data, please contact us at data.gov@finance.gov.au. We will blog about it in the coming weeks.

Register your data use cases

We encourage you to email data.gov@finance.gov.au with how you’ve used the Budget data and indeed anything hosted or linked on data.gov.au. We are interested in applications (mobile, web, etc), data visualisations, reports, news articles and anything useful and publicly available. Please just send us the following information:

  • Title
  • Description
  • URL
  • Image URL
  • Type: [API|Applications|Idea|News Article|Paper|Post|Visualisation]

All use cases registered on data.gov.au can be seen at http://data.gov.au/related

Budget 2014 Tables and Data

Finally, with the federal budget due to be handed down on May 13 the team is hard at work preparing for Budget 2014: in data form. This excellent step has meant some close cooperation from teams in both the Department of Finance and Department of the Treasury.  We look forward to your feedback on our first attempt and will endeavour to incorporate your comments into our future efforts. We have committed to extracting the line item information from all Agency PBSs into a single machine readable CSV to go on data.gov.au. More updates will be posted on the blog post above in the lead up to the Budget launch so please stay tuned. The dataset, once published, will be Tweeted from @datagovau.

UPDATE: The Budget 2014-15 Tables and Data dataset went live on data.gov.au at http://data.gov.au/dataset/budget-2014-15-tables-and-data/. We are proud to say we also were able to include a number of Budget Paper tables and machine readable CSVs we manually translated for your convenience. Please follow the dataset there to keep up to date with new information and remember to register your data use cases, see http://data.gov.au for more information.

That’s all from us. Below you’ll find our usual statistics tables.

Pia and the data.gov.au team

Please also follow our @datagovau Twitter account for updates and news.




Dataset Revisions


New Datasets


Total Datasets with resources (including private)


Total Webpage Visits


Total Organisations


Total Data Resources/Files


Total Page Views



5 Most Active Organisation

Top 5 Organisations by Total Datasets

Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia

Department of Finance

Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Brisbane City Council

Bureau of Meteorology

Department of Planning and Community Development [Victoria]

City of Greater Geelong

Reserve Bank of Australia


5 Most Recent Datasets Published

Top 5 Most Recently Updated Datasets

Geelong Retail

Energy rating for household appliances

Disaster Events with Category Impact and Location

Disaster Events with Category Impact and Location

L201 Albany Fraser Orogen Deep Crustal Reflection Seismic Survey, WA 2012. Stacked and migrated seismic data and images for lines AF1, AF2, AF3 and T1

Taxation statistics 2011-12

2014 Acreage Release Data Package

Aggregated yearly Australian Government procurement statistics

Marine Seismic Survey Shape and Kml Files - 2014 Version

Latest Coastal Weather Observations for Coolangatta (QLD)


5 Most Highly Requested Datasets



Free the G-NAF Address Dataset


In Review

Shapefile for 'Aboriginal Australia Map'


In Review

Free Postcode and Postal Address Data


In Review

Open eTax



NBN Datasets


In Review

As always you can find more of our stats here.

PS: Keep the requests coming.

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