The Government Data Landscape in Australia

Pia Waugh

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As we have been working on, we have come across many interesting and useful government data initiatives across Australia. We decided it might be easier to keep track of everything if we kept it all in one place and so have created a handy mind map of all related projects, policies, community initiatives and government groups doing data. Most of these are also open data initiatives and you can click through to whatever policies or projects that catch your eye.

You might prefer the fullscreen version of the mind map and we've also included accessible options for download as attachments below.

We will be maintaining this on an ongoing basis and welcome your feedback and additions to

Pia and the team

Please Note: That due to a recent update from the provider the interactive mindmap below is no longer compatible with IE8 and below. We've already provided a text version of the mindmap at the bottom of the post and have now updated it with the most recent version.

Please note that these documents were created on 28/10/2013 and may not necessarily reflect the most recent version of the mind map. We will continue to update them on a regular basis.

Last updated: 12 August 2016