The Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) apply a little differently when undertaking a procurement for a consultant compared with arranging a contract for labour hire. With that in mind, I thought it might be useful to provide some information on how to categorise these differing arrangements. 

Don’t forget to nominate your ICT leaders and outstanding projects for the 2016 Awards. It’s a great way for your organisation to be acknowledged for excellence in ICT.

We are excited by the variety of nominations we have received, and are keen to hear about other Government ICT success stories.

You still have time, however nominations must be received by 11.00 pm (AESDT) Monday, 29 February 2016.

I thought it would be useful to kick off 2016 with a post that summarises and responds to a range of common questions asked of Commonwealth procurement.


Do all Commonwealth entities have to apply the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs)?

Awards are used across the world to recognise and promote outstanding achievement - the Australian Government ICT Awards (the Awards) are no different.

Those of you who are familiar with my blog, or who have been to a presentation of mine, will know that I am a big fan of using data as an evidence base for policy development and to dispel myths.

One very stubborn myth is that SMEs do not get a ‘fair share’ of the Commonwealth procurement market.

I am pleased to announce the final supplier to be added to the Whole-of-Australian-Government ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel.

  • Dimension Data Australia Pty Limited

This brings the total number of suppliers on the Panel to 34.

Cutting Red Tape


I’d like to provide an update on some recently agreed initiatives put in place to make it easier to engage with the Commonwealth, the aim being to reduce the complexity and costs associated with tendering.

Procurement-Connected Policies

I am pleased to announce that the following suppliers have been added to the Whole-of-Australian-Government ICT Hardware and Associated Services Panel.

I am pleased to announce a new website to help suppliers do business with the Australian Government. Make Selling to the Australian Government Your Business provides information on what to expect when engaging with us through the process, how to identify opportunities for your business with the Commonwealth government and things to think about when responding to an approach to market.