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Yesterday John Hillier and I presented at the Australian IPv6 Summit in Melbourne. We provided an update on the progress being made by Australian Government agencies in line with our IPv6 transition strategy. The transition strategy runs over five years, from January 2008 to December 2012, so we are almost three quarters of the way through. Agencies continue to make good progress towards the final milestone of December 2012. The slides we used are attached. We’d welcome comments on this post.

Regards Brian

Presentation Slides

Comments (4)

The PDF version seems to be missing the text, below the charts, which is present in the .doc.
Even so it is not exactly clear what the graphs are depicting - are the percentages completion of project benchmarks, or do they reflect quantities of applications, operating systems etc.?

The percentages refer to completion of the project benchmarks. The writing that appears below the charts in the Word version of the presentation is a description of the chart for the vision impaired.

Hi Plover – just adding to Brian’s answer about the DOC version of the slides, that file has been designed as an accessible alternative version (for example, to be more user friendly through assistive technologies). It has the same content as the PDF version, but a different visual appearance and layout.

The alternative text for the images is also included in the PDF version. You can access it by mousing over the images, and it has also been designed to be read aloud through screen-readers.

Thanks for clearing that up. I would respectfully suggest that putting axis titles on graphs does make them easier to interpret.

The 2009 strategy document does not say much about implementation. Are we likely to see an overall strategy for this, or will it purely be agency by agency?
Does AGIMO expect to play any role in the transition of inter-agency BtoB type services? Are these indeed covered by the strategy or is it only public-facing services?

Last updated: 01 August 2016