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Mundi Tomlinson
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On 14 June 2011 the Department of Finance and Deregulation (Finance) announced the establishment of the Telecommunications Management Panel (TMAN). Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has a requirement to refresh their Customer Contact Centre and the TMAN Panel is being considered as the contracting framework to source a service provider to deliver their requirement. The purpose of this blog is to seek industry feedback on the draft Request For Quote (RFQ).

FWO via Finance intends to issue a RFQ in July 2011 covering the requirements in the attached draft RFQ. Entitlement to submit a Quotation will be conditional on the recipient of the RFQ having executed a Deed of Agreement for inclusion on the TMAN Panel by the closing date for Quotations that will be specified in the RFQ.

The Panel arrangement does not require FWO to issue an RFQ to any particular member of the Panel or to any minimum number of Panel members. The fact that a party has executed a Deed of Agreement for inclusion on the Panel does not mean that the party will receive an RFQ.

FWO will determine which members of the Panel will receive an RFQ based on its specific requirements and the nature of offers contained in Panel members’ Deeds of Agreement. In particular, an RFQ will only be issued to those Panel members who offer the particular Service/s.

FWO will consider comments, suggestions, etc posted on this blog. If TMAN panel members or other interested industry stakeholders are more comfortable, they can email their comments to ICTprocurement@finance.gov.au. Anyone requiring assistance accessing the RFQ documents should also email that address. If responding via email please include reference: TMAN001/2011 in the subject line of your email.

Nothing posted or emailed in response to this consultation draft will be taken into account by FWO when evaluating quotes, it is purely intended to help FWO improve the draft RFQ. The blog will be open for comments until close of business 18 July 2011.

Downloadable RFQ Documents RFQ Documents – alternative versions

Please note:

  • Finance or FWO is under no obligation to respond to any comments received in response to this process and reserves the right to publish or otherwise deal with any comments received in any way it wishes to.
  • In particular, Finance and FWO reserves the right to use, reproduce or disclose comments provided in connection with any subsequent procurement process and as required to meet government accountability or reporting requests or requirements.
  • In addition, Finance and FWO is under no obligation to change its Draft Requirements or any subsequent approach to the market (including an RFT process) as a result of this process and is under no obligation to release an RFQ or to conduct any other procurement process.
  • If Finance or FWO does release an RFQ or undertakes another form of approach to market after this process, Finance and FWO reserves the right to vary (including materially vary) the Draft Requirements in the approach to market documentation.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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