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Work on the draft ICT Strategic Vision is proceeding. During the consultation period, we received submissions directly from ICT industry and community organisations. Many of these organisations have agreed to make their submissions and comments publicly available via the blog and these are now posted:

(Please note that the original authors own copyright in these submissions. They do not fall under the blog’s general Creative Commons licence. The files and images in these submissions are provided as-is by the authors.) We invite you to read the submissions and look forward to reading your thoughts and comments. Regards Ann Steward Australian Government Chief Information Officer.


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Comments (2)

Well done to Telstra for raising "leveraging standards". The Australian Government should stick to open standards such as those published by ISO, IETF and W3C. Vendor-specific proprietary standards should not be permitted.

Building a sustainable Information Strategy, as commented by Wipro, with tools and platforms, would aid the agencies in obtaining insights helping in making informed decisions. Another aspect of the information strategy would be to enable co-creation, a parternship between citizens/private firm with the government agencies, to build applications which are useful for the citizens.

Last updated: 01 August 2016