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Kayelle Wiltshire - AGIMO
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Here is the presentation about the government’s data centre strategy that John Sheridan gave today at Gartner’s Infrastructure Operations and Data Centre summit, in PDF (1.18MB) and DOC (2.84MB) formats. My team is also doing up responses to the questions asked during and after the presentation, and we should post those soon.  


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I've posted on the topic of data centres, noting the opportunity for the government to stimulate cost and power efficiencies through policy.

To consider in the government's strategy moving forward -

Hi Everyone

Just to let you all know that the Special Minister of State, The Hon Gary Gray AO MP, has announced the addition of three providers of Facilities at the fit-out stage to the Data Centre Facilities Panel. The Media Release can be found at

Cheers Kayelle

Last updated: 29 July 2016