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AGIMO is pleased to be supporting the BarCamp Canberra event on Saturday 19 March 2011. More information about the BarCamp from the event organisers is below. It focuses on matters such as Government 2.0, innovation and technology. It is also an unconference, meaning that the participants set the agenda.

We are supporting BarCamp Canberra because of its focus on Government 2.0. The event should provide a useful networking and knowledge-sharing opportunity for public servants. We’ve spoken in a previous post about running some kind of unconference of our own for Gov 2.0 practitioners, but are open to the idea of supporting a community-run event rather than organising one ourselves.

Details on how to attend BarCamp Canberra are included below.

You're invited to attend BarCamp Canberra on Saturday 19 March

BarCamp Canberra is a free one-day volunteer-run not-for-profit 'unconference' covering topics ranging from social innovation, Gov 2.0, web, technical development, science communication, critical thinking, sustainability and the environment.

Now in its fourth year, BarCamp Canberra consistently attracts high calibre attendees and presenters, including communications and media professionals, digital arts and media specialists, web designers and developers, ICT experts and social policy advisors.

Part of the global BarCamp movement, which has seen over 800 BarCamps run in more than 350 cities on all continents excluding Antarctica, BarCamp Canberra's format is designed to share knowledge in an open and collegial fashion, with many networking opportunities.

Deemed a 'user-generated' conference, presenters self-nominate on the day, providing for a mix of high-level and detailed presentations across a range of topics.

BarCamp Canberra will operate across three rooms simultaneously, allowing attendees to pick and choose the presentations of most interest to them.

This year BarCamp Canberra is being supported by AGIMO, which is funding lunch and water for the day, as well as other organisations.

New to the BarCamp concept?

If you've not attended a BarCamp before and are a little concerned about the lack of an agenda, free attendance, or expectations that attendees participate - don't be.

The format is well-tested over more than five years and 800 different events. It has delivered consistent outcomes - good speakers on interesting topics - and a very engaged group of attendees who benefit from each others' knowledge.

In the US, UK and New Zealand, BarCamps are held annually for government employees (normally called 'GovCamps') and attract thousands of participants annually.

In Australia BarCamps have been held in most capital cities and are held annually in Canberra.

How are speakers 'selected'?

As an unconference, BarCamp Canberra doesn't have set speakers or an agenda. On the morning of the event attendees nominate to speak and, usually, write their presentation and name on notes and stick them to a schedule on butcher's paper.

Others attendees can choose which presentations they attend.

This bottom-up approach is what makes BarCamps unique, as anyone can speak on any topic, allowing for wide-ranging discussions and unique presentations.

You don't have to speak and you don't have to come all day - and both attendance and lunch is free.

To learn more about BarCamp Canberra, visit and

To register, go to

To learn more about the global BarCamp movement visit

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As one of the BarCamp Canberra unorganisers, I'm more than delighted to have AGIMO recognise the value our little event brings to the community and give us sonme help. Thanks, John, and everyone involved at AGIMO!

PS - Don't forget to actually sign up if you haven't already! Places are limited.

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