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John Sheridan - CIO & CISO
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We would like to measure your interest in a briefing session following the completion of my post on the proposed ICT Services Panel. Comments on that post will close on 21 January 2011 (update) the morning of January 27 2011 and the briefing session would be scheduled once the responses have been analysed.

If you are interested in attending an industry briefing please register your details below.

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[Registration has now closed. Thank you to all who have registered their interest.]

If you are unable to register on the form, please email your details to ictprocurement@finance.gov.au.

Comments (2)

It was a good paper.I think it is a good idea to continue The main points that should be considered are the following:

- Establish standardized processes for mitigating contractor risk;
- Validate potential contractors with rigorous due-diligence during the pre-award phase;
- Monitor contractor risk during the post-award phase;
- Adopt a portfolio view that assesses and manages the collective risk of contractors across the entire organization;
- Use automated reporting tools to strengthen management, transparency and oversight.

Comments on this post are now closed. Any further comments can be sent to ictprocurement@finance.gov.au.

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