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Well, we’re heading towards the end of another year and I think it’s timely to give you an update on AGIMO’s work and future direction. This post is based on presentation that John, Glenn and I gave at a Government Watch function this week. Our presentations are available here on the blog in PDF and DOC formats:

So much has happened in the last year: the report of the Government 2.0 Taskforce was released, as was the Data Centre Strategy, former Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner made the Declaration of Open Government and Dr Reinecke completed his review of the implementation of the ICT Reform Program. I’m pleased with the combined efforts of our ICT professionals and colleagues across government as well as my own team – we’ve done the heavy lifting and efficiently undertaken the task Government set for us. Thanks to this foundation work, the Australian Government is now better positioned to focus on using ICT to enable better government. We will continue to focus on four key areas:  policy, capability, value for money and service delivery. AGIMO contributes to ICT policy development in consultation with FMA Act agencies, our colleagues across jurisdictions and overseas. We’ve made good progress on securing our environment through our work on the Internet Gateway Reduction Program. Across government, agencies continue to improve sustainable ICT management.  Work is under way on a whole-of-government Common Operating Environment policy and implementing the Teleworking policy for ICT staff. In 2011, we will continue our work on the strategic vision for government’s use of ICT and the strategy for cloud computing. We now have a much better understanding of government’s capability through our benchmarking activities, which provide a solid foundation to discover what is needed and how well it works. The investment framework now in place is informing decision-making and helps agencies deliver projects on time and within budget. The whole-of-government ICT Strategic Workforce Plan and ICT Career Structure were released earlier this year and aim to attract, recruit and retain ICT skilled workers. We have mentoring programs in place and continue to managing intake through the ICT apprenticeship and cadetship programs. As lead agency for implementing the Government 2.0 agenda, AGIMO is helping build government’s capability to inform, engage and participate through the use of Web 2.0 tools. I know you’ve been following our progress via this blog. In terms of value for money, AGIMO is working towards optimum ICT procurement and the full utilisation of government’s buying power. Leveraging government’s buying power will boost savings and administrative efficiencies, provide better clarity for the ICT market, encourage competition and innovation, and improve engagement between government and industry. Our coordinated procurement activities for a range of software and hardware matters as well as data centre services and facilities are progressing well. I encourage you to take part in discussion on this blog about the proposed ICT Services Panel. When it comes to services delivery, we know that Australian citizens want improved government services that are easy to use, including to enable a single sign-on to those services. With regards to authentication, our goal is to enable government services that are joined up and people-focussed. AGIMO hosts, the national portal for Australia which helps citizens to navigate to key features, government initiatives, services and information. The APS reforms, outlined in Ahead of the Game: Blueprint for Reform of Australian Government Administration, will better integrate, simplify and streamline governance, administration and service delivery. Thanks for all your support this year. It’s been great to see the continued interest and discussion on our blog.


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Anne, I think that you and your team at AGIMO can really take a bow for the work completed in 2010.

As someone who has watched with interest through the OGO/NOIE/AGIMO journey, this year has seen some real traction. Sure, there is a long way to go but this is a marathon, not a sprint.

I think one of your better achievements has been that you seem to have found the right pace to run the race. In the past there has been a tendency to run too fast or too slow. Now, I contend, the exactly correct pace is set.

For me, the Gov 2 report (and the whole gov 2 process) is the highlight closely followe by it's offspring, the Declaration of Open Government.

I know that I speak for others in the gov 2 community in congratulating you and your team. Most of all, a big thank you for listening to us. Indeed, for reaching out to us and engaging us. It's been an empowering time.

Here's to 2011 and bigger and better things

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