The Australian Government Department of Finance operates a whole-of-government collaboration platform for government agencies called govdex. Govdex was established in 2006 and has over 90,000 registered users. Analysis shows that 18,000 users are active in any 3-month period and work across more than 6,000 groups. Users come from almost 2,000 organisations including all levels of government, educational institutions, not-for-profit organisations and the private sector.

Finance has launched Dynamic Sourcing for Panels (DS4P), the latest improvement to the Australian Government’s central procurement information system, AusTender.

DS4P provides government buyers with the information, search tools and process automation to better access the Commonwealth’s 500 panels, 60% of which are shared arrangements. DS4P builds on AusTender’s reach and integration across agencies to deliver a standard and streamlined approach to panel buying. 

I am pleased to announce the final supplier to be added to the Whole-of-Australian-Government Telecommunications Services Panel (TSP).

This is in addition to the suppliers who were announced on 02 December 2016 and brings the total number of suppliers on the Panel to 7.

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I am pleased to announce that a Request for Tender (RFT) to establish a new whole-of-Australian Government (WoAG) Panel Arrangement for Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) products and services has been released on AusTender, and this can be downloaded from FIN/018/16.

The arrangement seeks to meet the government’s SOS product and services requirements and deliver value for money.

Finance has just finished analysis of AusTender procurement data for 2015-16, and we’ve published the annual statistics on our website

As always, the data tells the story. The evidence it provides is the foundation for good policy development.

The annual statistics continue to demonstrate the strong performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and small businesses in government procurement market. 


The Minister of Finance has announced the establishment of the Whole-of-Australian-Government Telecommunications Services Panel (TSP) SON 3386916.

Finance has entered into head agreements with an initial tranche of six successful tenderers. The head agreements are in place until 30 November 2020, with options to extend for up to three periods of up to 12 months each.

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I am pleased to announce that the Request for Tender (RFT) to establish an Accommodation Program Management services arrangement for the Australian Government has been released on AusTender, and can be accessed at AusTender - RFT - Accommodation Program Management Services - FIN16CGS12

On 29 November 2016, the Minister for Finance, Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann, announced a number of amendments to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs) that will come into effect from 1 March 2017.  

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The Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) Stationery and Office Supplies (SOS) Arrangement, used by 140 Commonwealth Departments and entities Australia-wide, is due to expire in September 2017.  The Arrangement, which has an annual turnover of approximately $38 million, has delivered savings and efficiencies to Government. This has resulted in a high level of stakeholder support for a successor arrangement.