Presentation on Agency Services in AGIMO – 28 October 2010

John Sheridan - CIO & CISO
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This morning I spoke at Intermedium’s annual Federal Government ICT Market: The Year in Review 2009-10 breakfast. Like most APS areas, AGIMO gets regular requests to speak at such events. While we can’t accept them all, we do try to target those which have particular relevance for at least some of our stakeholders. In this case, the audience was largely composed of ICT industry representatives. Their interests, other than finding out who won Intermedium’s annual Froggy awards, revolved around understanding the Government ICT market as revealed by Intermedium’s analysis of the 2009-10 AusTender figures and the ICT‑related details drawn from the 2010-11 Budget.

My presentation (in PDF (484k), PPT (1107k) and DOC (357k)) is attached in several formats to address our accessibility requirements. In it, I discussed the nature of the AusTender data, details of the Budget spend on ICT, drawn from the Budget papers which are already in the public domain, progress of the Government’s ICT coordinated procurement arrangements, the Principles of ICT Engagement, use of this blog for procurement discussions, our work on the Common Operating Environment, which has been progressing very well since we last discussed it here on the blog, and some factors we are considering in developing a discussion paper on ICT services panel arrangements.

These are, of course, issues of a somewhat niche nature and not all our readers are going to be fascinated by them. Nevertheless, in the interests of addressing a wider audience, we think sharing this sort of content through the blog is a good thing to be doing. I’d be interested in your opinion as to its usefulness and relevance.

A word of warning – the slides are as they were presented to the audience. It isn’t a speech transcript. If you have questions, and wish to ask them in comments below, I’ll try to address them, consistent with requirements around probity, level of detail and issues of priority. We’ll keep comments open for about a week for this purpose.


John Sheridan

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I found this interesting (for reference I watched the ppt version). My only comment was that it probably should be under the Procurement heading instead of General.

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