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Hello again, in this post I’ll discuss our next step in bringing the Australian Government Data Centre Strategy to life.

AGIMO will soon invite tenders for data centre migration services on behalf of all Australian Government agencies.  Essentially, this is for the services to move data centre equipment from one site to another. This is not a general IT consultancy - it is highly specialised infrastructure work.

The result of the tender process will be a panel of suppliers that government agencies must use for data centre relocations. The suppliers will be chosen based on their responses to the Request for Tender (RFT).

To help improve this tender, and to promote interest and awareness of the Government’s requirements, I am releasing parts of the draft tender documentation for discussion. Your comments about the earlier data centre facility tender were great. I hope to get similarly constructive feedback this time around.

The Statement of Requirement (SOR) is open for comments. These are the sorts of services that we think agencies would need to move from one data centre to another:

Suppliers that want to join the panel will need to address the SOR in their tender response. This is the opportunity for industry and other interested parties to help us develop a realistic and achievable SOR.

I must point out that the SOR is only one component of the RFT.  Other elements such as conditions of participation, draft contract and compliance information are not included in the SoR, but may be referenced in this conversation.

You can offer your opinions and thoughts, either generally or specifically as comments in this post.

I look forward to reading your comments. To avoid misunderstanding, please note that I will follow AGIMO’s housekeeping rules outlined below:

If you wish to share commercially sensitive information in confidence, you can email me at However, if you do email me, please note that because of probity considerations I cannot respond to individual emails. If a response is required, and if you agree, I can de-identify your email, remove information of a sensitive nature and post a response to your query via the blog.  I strongly urge you to use email only for sensitive comments.

Everyone in my team appreciates the time and effort you spend reading and commenting on the blog and we are interested in your feedback. We will attempt to answer all your comments but we cannot promise to answer or use any or all of the comments we receive. Neither can I promise to act on the comments you provide.

Please remember that as a government agency we may have to disclose the comments we receive to meet government accountability or reporting requirements. We may also use your comments to further the discussion elsewhere.

Finance will not take into account anything posted or mailed in response to our blog posts when evaluating tenders. The blog post will be open for comments for one week. This is because we have found that most comments are made soon after the post is published. We will consolidate the responses and issue the final version of the RFT via AusTender.

While we intend to release an RFT following this consultation, please be aware that any number of happenings may prevent us from doing so, and if we do release an RFT, the final SoR may look very different to the current draft.

On a separate note, there are also other projects being undertaken as part of implementing the Data Centre Strategy.  I am planning a separate industry briefing on those projects and plan to announce the details via AusTender in the near future.

Well, that’s all from me, for the moment. Chat soon :-)

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Hi Everyone

Just to let you all know that the Migration Services Tender is now available on AusTender:

Cheers Kayelle :-)

Thanks Fujitsu, I agree with linking the risk/reward scenario to some qualitative and quantitative measure where BOTH win. The Data centre Strategy is focussed on cost avoidance rather than savings. When folks migrate data centres, there are many aspects of the migration that contribute to the cost avoidance. For example, in migrating from DCa to DCb an agency (indeed anyone:)) may also be refreshing their kit and moving from an environment that is low in a sustainability terms to a greener/better environment.

How do you think it could work in terms of Service Providers assisting with aspects of the migration will only contribute to some or part of the benefits? Have you any ideas how this could be managed and measured? Cheers and chat soon Kayelle

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the SOR. F1 Solutions comments are:

1.The size of agencies that will be seeking the services should be included to allow the respondent to determine the mix of data centres under consideration e.g. approx. 5 agencies with between 300 to 900 seats; approx 8 agencies with 900 to 2,000 seats, etc.

2.SME - Is there a preference for selecting and growing SMEs capabilities? If yes, then consideration should be given to include this in the RFT.

3.The scale of the project seems to favour MNEs (Multi National Enterprises) and larger companies. It has the potential to discourage good SMEs from submitting a response. The RFT as it stands goes some way in making it attractive for SMEs; however, specific statements should be included backed by selection criteria to encourage SMEs to submit a response.

4.It is not clear whether all the data centres will reside in a single large 12,000 m2 data centre or in a different configuration. This information could be stated in the RFT as it will help understand the segmentation of the projects that will arise.

Thanks and regards,
F1 Solutions

Dear Kayelle,
Appreciating that the RFT is for migration services and encompasses considerable subject matter expertise across several disciplines is it envisaged that any single entity could provide the complete service offering or are consortia or partnership's entertained?

Also is participation and/or selection in this RFT Panel likely to preclude participation in other Data Centre requirements such as infrastructure supply?


Dear Kayelle,

HP has reviewed the statement of requirement and agrees it covers all major aspects of data centre relocation services. HP would also like to thank you for the opportunity to review and comment on the draft SOW before final release.

Thank you and regards.

Hello Kayelle

Have read the SOR and its a great start. One area that I would stress is the need to incent the migration partner to provide continual recommendations back the Commonwealth on ways to continually recommend and improve the environmental footprint of technologies that will be migrated. This is a key tenant in the DC panel, and should be at the migration providers as well. They should provide their sustainability credentials as a part of their response. So... there is my suggestion!

Kaye, I did not spot the word 'transport'. It might fit in after 1.14.4?

Hi Kayelle

There are several options, but the trick is to also foster a little innovation. The best way to get to the hearts and minds of the supplier community is through fees... we're a mercenary lot! This is a risk/reward scenario... But one must tie that to some qualitative and quantitative measure where BOTH win. For example, if "supplier A" provides a way, during the migration from DCa to DCb, to reduce the cooling or KW footprint or the increase compute power/sq meter and at the same time saving the government money, that can be defined into a KPI that has a scheduled award attached to it. Key is to optimise the DC footprint as the morkloard is migrated.. not after. Innovation is important, but only if it delivers..

Hi Everyone:)

I have been asked a question off-line. Is this an Open Tender? Yes!

Also, there is obviously still interest in posts on the Migration Services. We will keep it open for other comments and questions until 4pm Tues 28 Sept,`10.

cheers Kayelle

Hi Kayelle,
this looks like a lot of work has gone into the SOR already, but I was wondering why the requirements didn't include disaster recovery planning, risk management (other than for the project) or CFD analysis?
A data centre move is a good time to redo the disaster recovery plan, with associated testing. If nothing else, assisting with the risk analysis is usually a a specialist service. Will this be a requirement?
Getting the cooling right is important in data centres, but there doesn't seem to be any requirement for this. Should tenders offer more than what is directly asked for? Or are services fro computational fluid dynamics analysis not required?
Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment. As an SME, I note over the years that it is very hard to employ SME capability as we lack depth (not skills, experience or capability) and have perceived higher risk. This means a credibility issue if you are required to act as a Prime. I note that larger departments are effectively monopsonists, and they are simply not set up to deal effectively with smaller companies. I would suggest that any panel is two -tiered; one layer for potential primes and the other for 'specialist' SMEs who can contribute to but not fund major projects (as Defence attempts to do). Many departments also require security clearances; the delay for these is substantial if not already held so there may be a need for a longer response time. It is very encouraging though to be asked to comment beforehand! Terry

Hi Terry thanks for your post. I expect SMEs to bid for the panel.

There are some changes in security vetting you might be interested in. Please find a link to the new security vetting service commencing 1 October 2010.

cheers Kayelle :-)

Hi Everyone

Just to thank you for the wide variety of posts. This consultation is now closed. I will let folks know on a post via this blog when this Tender is released. Bye for now. Kayelle

Hi Everyone :-) I just wanted to let you know that the Government’s Draft Cloud Strategy has been released for comment today. You can post your feedback at

I see this as another great opportunity to consult with industry about how Cloud technology is used in the data centre space.

Cheers for now. Kayelle

Hi Everyone

Just to let you all know that the Special Minister of State, The Hon Gary Gray AO MP, has announced the Data Centre Migration Services Panel. The Media Release can be found at

Cheers Kayelle

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