IBNC Tender released

Mundi Tomlinson
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Cheers, As I foreshadowed in my previous procurement post, the Internet Based Network Connection Services (IBNC) RFT has now been released on AusTender reference number FIN10/AGI019.

General characteristics of the IBNC Services which separate them from other telecommunications services include:

a) the IBNC Services utilise the IP Protocol Suite, including other protocols which may be encapsulated or tunnelled over IP;
b) the data carried over the telecommunications services traverses a packet-switched public data network;
c) the access point to the carrier network (Point-of-Presence) for the telecommunications services is within the borders of Australia, including Australian territories; and
d) the telecommunications service is not a dedicated point-to-point telecommunications service, such definition excluding telecommunications services which form any part of an end-to-end IBNC Service.

The overall strategic objectives of the coordinated procurement of the IBNC Services are to:

a) achieve savings in Commonwealth telecommunications expenditure;
b) improve price transparency of telecommunications services for the Commonwealth;
c) reduce the cost and duplication of procurement processes for both the Commonwealth and the telecommunications industry;
d) continue to support competition and innovation in the telecommunications industry; and
e) maintain flexibility to meet the individual needs of Agencies.

We are looking forward to receiving your IBNC responses by 30 September.

Last updated: 28 July 2016