Final RFT: TLMS (aka TOMS)

Mundi Tomlinson
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Following your feedback to the recent Consultation Draft RFT for TOMS, we have now released the final RFT on AusTender. As you will see, we have changed the name to TLMS (Telecommunications Lifecycle Management Services) to better reflect the tender scope.

I hope the “plain English” explanations help everyone understand what we are looking for, and how they can best respond. Finance is seeking a diverse panel of TLMS providers, which could comprise organisations such as System Integrators and Telecommunications Providers, who may have broad offerings and capabilities in the Managed Services space, along with niche specialists who can offer advisory or other capabilities in specialist areas.

Many of you had questions about the interface between these services and Virtual Carriage Management Services (VCMS).VCMS covers the end-to-end management of Virtual Connections over underlying carriage services (eg VPN management) and is part of the Internet Based network connections RFT which is due to released in the near future.  I would expect many of the Telcos and System Integrators to bid for both Services.

Because this is now an open tender, I am not allowed to respond to any comments here (and this particular post won’t accept them) – the more formal process of publishing addenda on AusTender takes precedence. I would encourage you download the RFT from AusTender in order to be alerted to, and to access, all addenda.

Once again thanks for your comments.

Mundi Tomlinson

Last updated: 27 July 2016