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Kayelle Wiltshire - AGIMO
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Thank you for the comments we have had on the Data Centre Facilities Request for Tender (RFT) so far.  As I signalled in my initial post, the Statement of Requirement is only one element of the draft RFT.  Another matter, which I am sure will be of interest widely, is the pricing we will ask tenderers to provide as part of their response.

To address this interest, we have prepared a description of our draft pricing model (RTF, 45k, also available in PDF, 114k, and HTML).  In particular, I am interested in your views about which elements we should be pricing and whether you can identify any other elements, components or dimensions that influence price and thus should be included in the model.

Following the release of the RFT, we need to compare the prices offered.  This comparison could be challenging if some tenderers offer prices based on power usage in high power density implementations, while others offer space based options.  I am keen to hear suggestions on how this comparison may be achieved in a fair way.

In parallel to this project, we are also working with the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts on Green ICT issues and are involved with the NABERS working group for data centres.  Aimed at increasing data centre sustainability, this work has suggested that one of the important goals of our pricing model should be to encourage the transparent reporting and monitoring of energy costs.  I would welcome your comments about how this might be best achieved.



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We have submitted a comment here in relation to the Pricing Principles (& will also capture on the initial entry for the SOR)

Industry (refer to the AIIA Whole of Government Data Centres Strategy Industry Best Practice Principles) has recommended that government encourages respondents to propose and price their solutions based on minimum capacity. The rationale for this is that if provides flexibility and will encourage efficiency and rationalisation of footprints – a key targeted outcome of the data centre strategy. We seek clarification of how the draft pricing principles released for discussion would support this pricing methodology.

In response to commentary, AGIMO has indicated that your current thinking is that Data Centre as a Service (DCaaS) solutions are “likely to be placed in data centre facilities sourced from the Data Centre Services Panel” notwithstanding that these may be different commercial providers. We support the comments raised by JR Dan DCaaS on this point and the potential benefits that may be achieved by government of having DCaaS solutions provided in that service provider’s own facilities.

We seek clarification as to whether agencies would be mandated to specify that DCaaS had to be provided in facilities sourced from the Data Centre Facilities Panel? Who would have the onus to ensure access arrangements for the DCaaS provider?

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Last updated: 27 July 2016