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Mundi Tomlinson
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I’d like to thank all contributors to this blog and those who emailed me directly. As this was my first experience in engaging in this way, I have appreciated the feedback on the content, format and process for the RFT. It has provided fresh ideas and suggested areas that we need to review to ensure that our tender documents are easy to understand.

Craig, Joanne, Nigel and Michael have raised several interesting ideas on how to improve tendering. Of course, this wasn’t really what we had in mind when we launched this particular post but we will look at these ideas with our colleagues in the procurement policy area within Finance.

Stuart and a number of those who emailed me asked for a longer response time – I hear your request but can’t make any promises. I am trying to juggle a set of procurements each with its own demands on suppliers, agencies and on our staff, and with a set of deadlines defined by expiry dates of existing contracts, etc. We will do our best to ensure each RFT is well-defined, succinct and limits response requirements to what we actually need to know. And, at least, we will continue to abide by the minimum response time in the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines.

Steve, Craig, Joanne, Jack, Rod and others pointed out a number of areas in which the definitions of the services being sought need refinement, detail, or reconsideration. We are working on this issue, as it is critical to the success of any tender.

Jack, the “missing documents” were excluded precisely because we were looking for input into developing our tender documentation. While we may not necessarily agree with you, I do appreciate your effort, and we will take your detailed responses and questions into account in the next stage.

Thank you to Len & Mevan, Craig, and others for the positive encouragement at all levels.

I will close the blog post to new comment from now. If you wish you contact me further, you may do so via

I look forward to re-engaging soon. Until then let me repeat my thanks for the time you have put in to considering, and providing feedback on, the draft RFT.

A final note from our lawyers:

Comments or information provided to AGIMO may or may not be responded to, or even considered, subject to the probity rules that apply to Government procurements.

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Hi Mundi,

It's really good to hear that the comments have been read and considered by AGIMO.

Thank you.

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Last updated: 27 July 2016