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Last week the Australian Gov 2.0 Showcase site was launched. This is a valuable initiative allowing people from all tiers of Australian government to submit examples of how they are using web 2.0 tools to engage with citizens and deliver better services. A great thing about the site is that it uses a web 2.0 approach, by which people submit their own entries, to build a showcase of Australia’s progress and achievements in Gov 2.0. The Showcase will provide a forum for the sharing of ideas and lessons so that teams within government can learn from each other in their implementation of Gov 2.0 initiatives.

I’m very pleased that the site has been launched in conjunction with Senator Kate Lundy. Kate has long been a champion of web 2.0 and a leader within Government in its application to improve consultation and discussion and enliven democracy.

This week Kate will be travelling to Washington where she will be a keynote speaker at the Gov 2.0 Expo 2010, a gathering of leaders in Gov 2.0 from all around the world. Kate will be speaking about the Pillars of Gov 2.0 and outlining how Australia is delivering on this agenda. She will also be participating in a series of talks called “Gov 2.0: Lessons from Down Under”, where she is speaking alongside Nicholas Gruen (Australian Government 2.0 Taskforce), Mark Elliott (Collabforge) and Patrick McCormick (Department of Justice, Victoria).

I’m pleased that Kate will be at the Expo as an Australian ambassador promoting the Government’s commitment to Gov 2.0 and our achievements thus far, and I greatly value her contribution to advancing the Rudd Government’s Gov 2.0 agenda.

As part of the reforms stemming from the Government’s Response to the Gov 2.0 Taskforce Report, Commonwealth agencies are being required to report their progress in engaging with citizens using Gov 2.0 initiatives. Agencies are also required to encourage public servants to engage online. The Showcase will be a fantastic tool for public servants developing such initiatives, providing a useful source of ideas and information, and a forum for sharing achievements.

I encourage all of you to visit the Australian Gov 2.0 Showcase site, to submit your example of a Gov 2.0 initiative and contribute to the evolution of Government 2.0 here in Australia.

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I think this is an enormously encouraging leap forward for Australians in the digital revolution. Government has taken its time to get into the Web 2.0 revolution. However Web 2.0 is here to stay and I think it provides enormous opportunities for citizens to interact with the government and for our representatives in government to gain a more up to date insight into what people are thinking on certain issues.

Why should we believe the Government that thinks ISP level filters can protect against unwanted content?



I am against the principle of broadband censorship

As indicated in a related post in response to your own post on The Australian Gov 2 Showcase, there are many small irritations that most of us will tolerate as inevitable consequences of being active on the net.

It is only when more serious intrusions of privacy or cyber security risk to hardware or software occur that we need to become concerned.

Otherwise, harmless spam and small annoyances can be accommodated. It is probable impossible to filter out everything.

I guess our ISP providers do what they can; our own choices with filtering software does some of the rest; and what is left is the cost of living and breathing on the Internet - which does have its uses.

Where we be without it?



Citizen Stakeholder

Kate (Senator Kate Lundy)

You dessrve a special thanks for supporting the Gov 2 initiative.

Have a terrific trip in Washington for the Gov2 Expo and please come back with lots of new ideas and inspirations.

Everyone speaks highly of you so I join them in appreciation and in wishing you well.

Please give my regards to Nicholas Gruen who led the Taskforce and provided encouragement to all those who are stakeholders in this initiative.

Lindsay thank you for continuing to keep us informed of progress.

Thank you also Peter (Alexander) for your lead blogs.

I am a great supporter of the goals of open government



Citizen Stakeholder

Hi all,

I work for Senator Lundy, and just wanted to post the results from the trip.

The Senator's speech (transcript and video) is available at and her thoughts on the event and the media/Twitter coverage is at

Pia Waugh

ICT Policy Advisor
Office of Senator Kate Lundy

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