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We have set up a Gov 2.0 Showcase to collate and create a gallery of Australian Government innovation in the Gov 2.0 space. The showcase and gallery will provide a space to demonstrate Australia's Gov 2.0 achievements and be a source of education and learning. Once a few submissions are made to the showcase we will publish a gallery of case study videos and images which you can click on to get the full details of each case study.

We are hoping you can get some case studies in fast - so that Senator Kate Lundy can use them as examples in her presentation on 25 May 2010 at the International Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington D.C. where she will be talking about Gov 2.0 in Australia.

The full detail of the showcase and gallery, how to submit, conditions of submission and how we will process your case study is at the showcase page of the AGIMO blog.

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Thank you for letting us all know about the upcoming Austrade Trade Mission to Singapore in June and the Worldcomp in Las Vegas

These are indeed opportunities to promote the philosophies and technology being supported at Gov 2 level.

Promotion of awareness of these innovative methods in communication and collaboration is crucial at all levels.

See my post yesterday on the AGIMO Behind the Blog page of this site re the promotional initiatives being taken by the National Measurement Institute. Promoting awareness even during infancy stages is crucial at all levels in all government and non-government attempts to exploit the potential of social media.

As I have mentioned multiple marketing platforms are necessary for spreading the word and lifting the profile of Australia worldwide in the arena of social media technology as a tool of communication with stakeholders - including those like me seeking to see in practice embracement and implementation of the deeper goals of the Gov2 initiative.

I will follow progress with interest



Citizen Stakeholder

We will be taking part in Austrade Trade Mission to Singapore in June. We are also presenting paper at Worldcomp 2010 in Las Vegas in July and have been accepted to the application process for the new Commercialisation Australia Grant Scheme. I hope to have a demonstration audio visual presentation of our technology toward the end of next week if our programmers finish on time. I realise this is not a Govt site but never the less it is coming about with the some assistance at a Govt Level. Please let me know if you would like me to send a copy to you when done for consideration if we are able to meet the deadline.

Great idea Peter.

Keep up the good work

Maximize every promotional opportunity to lift awareness

Will look out for new developments.



Citizen Stakeholder

Why not have a stall explaining how the easily avoidable web-filter is good for the people? Yes, many of the things the filter will filter should be filtered (let's just say that if something is put together by humans that some stupid things -- like dentists -- will get banned inadvertently)...but explain how someone who WANTS to access that stuff won't be able to?


They will.

Or would you fear that the President of Indonesia might ask you why you're not using that money and resources to actually stop, say, child porn? Instead of promulgating a technical solution that is so easy to circumvent...

Hi David

As someone with almost zero web-base skills, somewhat lost in the technical debate, I have grappled a bit with unwanted "gnomes" wishing to dialogue on this and other blog sites.

For example, having chosen to receive email notifications of all new comments, whether in response to my own or included on this site for whatever reason in response to other posts, I sometimes receive notifications to my personal email box non-human messages otherwise known, I believe are called "spat robots."

I am beginning to learn from style and improbability the real nature of these non-humans and mostly to ignore their invitations to dialogue.

Even when I get it wrong I end up making a posting that could have intrinsic merit. Therefore the technical errors and intrusions have diluted impact, especially if the goal of sharing information is not thwarted by technical flaws and accidents.

So I try to take small irritations in my stride, and only react if there is reason to be concerned about threat to the security of my personal; privacy or to my hardware or software.

I know little about web-filters and how they work.

I have made some outspoken comments though about privacy issues generally, whilst I certainly do not support internet censorship of the type apparently supported by the Minister for Broadband and Communication.

Nor do I believe in mandatory provision of personal data in order to access creative commons material. This is not because I am especially shy about certain details, but I am uncertain to what use the information may be employed and have concerns about improper use associated with phishing and identify theft. It is for that reason that I have declined the NING platform that requires photographs and dates of birth etc in order to join.

I can understand that those offering free digital space must obtain some rewards and those motivated to avail themselves of digital space offered in exchange for personal data may be motivated to make a bartering deal.

Beyond those concerns, and despite minor technical irritations like annoying but harmless spam, as a newcomer to blogging I try to take the good withy the bad.

The space created is hopefully heading in the direction of arriving finally at the deeper goals of the Govspace concept. This is the only real reason that I hand on, since what is life without some hope.

Having fruitlessly explored over many years the more formal opportunities for meaningful dialogue with government at all levels, over, I have invested some hope in Gov2 and intend to invest my time and efforts within reason as long as there is reasonable hope in terms of policy outcomes.

By this I do not mean perfection in technological achievements or in information management, but rather in opportunities to dialogue with government in such a way as to achieve real policy outcomes that will improve governance, leadership and solutions to the perennial bottlenecks that hamper best practice public policy results.

So in the spirit of Gov2 and its intended deeper meaning, I continue to participate as actively as time permits, but without any of the technological know-how that may make me more critical of the annoyances that occurs when digital space and information management meet up with hiccups.

If the President of Indonesia wants to challenge what is being done and why the money is being spent he should talk to me.

Effective dialogue with government is long over-due. This is money well spent if it achieves the deeper goals of Gov2. If not I will subsidize another cause.

It is that simple.

Keep the faith



Citizen Stakeholder

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