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At the risk of being overly self-referential, we thought our visitors might benefit from observing the workings behind this blog (even though the blog is offering a chance for visitors to observe the workings behind the project).

As stated on our about page, this blog's content is produced by several authors from the review team, with posts going out on a semi-regular basis.  The style we're adopting is considerably less formal than what you may find on the Guide, and the blog content review process is slightly less rigourous, requiring a much lower level of sign-off than one would expect for a significant policy addition/modification to the Guide.

That being said, a workflow is still in force.  Our content authors are responsible for identifying, drafting and requesting publication of a new post, who then submit it to our team's director.  If approval is given, the approval is noted and the post goes live, otherwise, further refinements (and possible rejection) of the post will need to be carried out by the original author.  Occasionally, the director may have to consult with a branch manager for approval, but most blog posts are expected to be fairly uncontroversial, 'what-we-did-this-week' style writings.  It's a fairly simple workflow, but one that, given our goals, subject matter, technology and target audience, was deemed by our branch manager to be suitably lightweight.

Were this blog's primary subject matter to be somewhat more controversial, or of interest to a wider audience, more rigourous authoring processes would need to be explored.

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Last updated: 27 July 2016