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“Hello world”. It’s a traditional exercise for programmers learning a new language, so it makes sense to use it here.  It’s possible that the phrase “Hello, new world” may be more applicable – we’re not necessarily learning new programming languages, but we are modifying our use of web technologies in new and exciting ways.  For example, given the inroads governments are making in the Web 2.0 space, it has come as no surprise to us that visitors to the Web Publishing Guide (the Guide) are looking for specific information on Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies.

Putting this together with the fact that the site needs a review of its content, information architecture (IA) and processes, we decided it was time to spring clean the Guide. This will include adding information on new topics and making information easier to find and use.

Most importantly, we wanted to use the Guide itself to model the guidance on the site. It does this in a number of areas already – notably in the accessibility space – but we wanted to broaden this to include background material, such as content strategies and some of the more technical aspects of the site’s development. Have a look at the about page for more information on what we have planned.

Which brings us to the blog you’re reading right now. This blog has a few purposes – firstly, we want to gather ideas and feedback from current visitors to webpublishing.agimo.gov.au about how the site could be improved. Secondly, we want to provide an example of an operating government blog, to give agencies a starting point when embarking on their own Web 2.0 projects. And finally, we want to lift the curtain on a typical website redevelopment, and show the processes and background materials that support such a project. So where does that leave the Web Publishing Guide (the Guide)?

The Guide:

“brings together Australian Government resources for website management. It makes it easy for Australian Government agencies to:

Discern their legal and policy obligations

Access policies, guidance and examples of better practice.”

- http://webpublishing.agimo.gov.au/About

We want to talk about:

… all the areas that are vital to the success of a website. We will be discussing progress and sharing our evolving thinking. The site is here to help government agencies and we recognise that we don’t have a monopoly on good ideas!

So please come and share your thoughts in the comments or, contact us directly.

We look forward to talking with you.

Comments (5)

It's fantastic to see AGIMO engaging with the web & government community on the review of the Guide. I hope it is a successful & positive collaborative review that sets a precedent for AGIMO and whole of government for future engagement.

Congratulations on your first blog AGIMO.

I hope we'll soon see some meaningful discussions around the Web Guide and web standards.

I think it's important that it be recognised that web professionals in government who read and participate by posting comments are supporting the improvement of government guidelines and standards.

This, in my view, makes participation an appropriate (and vital) use of Commonwealth resources.

Here's your first tip.

Validate your blog :)

Congratulations on joining the blogosphere (yeah, I hate that word too). I look forward to reading and contributing. Speaking of contributing, are there any AGIMO guidelines on online participation for government employees? I recall reading such a document from the UK on Craig Thomler's eGov blog.

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Last updated: 27 July 2016