Guidance on the Assurance Reviews Process - Resource Management Guide 106

The purpose of the Guidance on Assurance Reviews Process Resource Management Guide No. 106 is to provide you with an overview and practical information about Assurance Reviews:

Assurance Reviews are principle based, providing flexibility to:

  • apply the information in this Guidance as appropriate to the programme or project, and
  • adapt to changing circumstances such as increasing financial risk and complexities associated with governance.

If you are a Senior Responsible Officer, part of a programme/project team, an assurance reviewer, interviewee or a review participant, this Guidance will assist you to successfully prepare for and participate in an assurance review.

In particular, this Guidance includes a ‘Handbook for Conducting Assurance Reviews’ at Appendix C. This Handbook provides examples of areas to examine and the type of evidence that is expected at key stages throughout programme and project design, implementation and delivery. The Handbook also provides reviewers with a consistent framework for undertaking Assurance Reviews across a variety of programmes and projects.

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Last updated: 25 August 2017