Assurance Reviews and Risk Assessments

A limited number of Budget proposals that are high in risk, priority, value and complexity may be subject to an independent Assurance Review such as an Implementation Readiness Assessment or Gateway Review for programmes and projects.

Assurance Reviews play an important role in assisting your entity (non-corporate Commonwealth entities in most cases) to successfully deliver New Policy Proposals by bringing in external expertise to help identify major project, implementation, and structural risks.

Assurance Reviews are designed to complement the Budget process. Therefore, to reduce duplication, Assurance Reviews may not apply in certain circumstances. For example, if your proposal is:

  • a Defence Capability Plan project that is assessed under the Kinnaird two-pass approval process, the Gateway Review process does not apply.
  • subject to either the ICT Investment Approval Process or Two State Capital Works Approval Process, you do not need to conduct Gateway Gate 0 or 1 reviews.

For all New Policy Proposals, you will be required to make an assessment of the level of risk associated with your proposal. The level of assessed risk and financial implication of your proposal will inform the decision to commission an Assurance Review. 

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Last updated: 20 April 2017