Assurance Reviews and Risk Assessments

Australian Government Assurance Reviews are designed to strengthen governance and assurance practices and play an important role in assisting entities to successfully deliver major programs and projects. They are short, intensive reviews conducted by independent reviewers sourced from both the public and private sector. Assurance Reviews may be commissioned for New Policy Proposals (NPPs) that are high risk and meet certain financial thresholds.

Types of Assurance Reviews

Assurance Reviewers 

Lessons Learned

Risk Assessments

Entities are required to assess the level of risk associated with all NPPs. For NPPs with an estimated financial implication of $30 million or more, it is mandatory for entities to complete the Risk Potential Assessment Tool (RPAT). The Department of Finance may recommend an Assurance Review depending on the overall risk rating from the RPAT.

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Last updated: 06 July 2017