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FMA Delegations

Delegation of powers and functions under FMA legislation

Under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) and Financial Management and Accountability Regulations 1997 (FMA Regulations), a number of the powers and functions of the Finance Minister have been delegated to agency Chief Executives.

Delegates must comply with the directions contained in the delegation instruments.

Delegation from the Finance Minister to FMA Act Agency Chief Executives (other than the Finance Secretary)

Compilation as at 30 July 2014

Incorporating Amendment No. 1 2014, to the original delegation issued on 18 September 2013:

Amendments to the Delegation

Amendment No. 1 2014

Original delegation

Issued on 18 September 2013:

Delegations from the Finance Minister to Finance Secretary

Issued on 18 September 2013:

Delegation from the Finance Secretary to other Departmental Secretaries

In addition Departmental Secretaries have also been delegated some of the Finance Secretary's powers under the FMA Act and the FMA Regulations to assist them to monitor the financial position relating to the provision of financial reports and budget estimates of small agencies within the portfolio of their responsible Minister(s).

Issued on 27 March 2009:

Superseded delegations to Chief Executives

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