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Technical Interoperability Framework

Technical interoperability concerns common language, a conceptual model and standards that Australian government agencies need to employ as a basis for interoperating. The Australian Government Technical Interoperability Framework provides the first step in establishing compatibility at the technical level for the exchange of data and harmonisation of related business transactions within a trusted environment. It contains details on the principles behind technical interoperability, and relevant case studies and patterns within the Australian Government. It also contains a comprehensive set of standards to be referred to when developing technical interoperability. The second version of the Australian Government Technical Interoperability Framework was developed by the Interoperability Framework Working Group (IFWG), a reference group of senior technical architects nominated by the former Chief Information Officers’ Committee (CIOC) and supported by Finance. The version responds to developments in the ICT industry supporting business and government interconnectivity.

The publication

 Australian Government Technical Interoperability Framework Version 2 [PDF Document - 588 KB]


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