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Business Process Interoperability Framework

Publication Summary

Australians increasingly expect that the delivery of government programs and services should be simple, seamless and connected. Implicit in this expectation is that government business processes will be managed appropriately and that agencies will work together constructively in the search for innovative solutions to complex issues.

Full Publication

Business Process Interoperability Framework [PDF - 1.8 MB]

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

Introduction What is Interoperability?
The Australian Government Interoperability Framework
The Business Process Interoperability Framework

3. The Business Case for Business Process Interoperability

Supporting a 'Whole of Government' approach
Motivations for Business Process Interoperability

4. Interoperability Principles

Interoperabilty Principles
Business Process Interoperability Principles

5. Business Process Management

Business Process Management
Common Processes

6. Business Process Interoperability and Architecture

7. The Australian Government Architecture

The Australian Government Architecture Reference Models
Using AGA for Business Process Interoperability

8. The Journey to Business Process Interoperability

9. Business Process Interoperabilty Roadmap

Map and Model
Monitor and Review

10. Business Process Interoperability Maturity

Measuring Capability

11. Business Process Interoperability Case Studies

Case Study: The Journey Towards Business Process Management (DEST)
Case Study: National Emergency Call Centre (Centrelink)

Appendix A: Sources of Support for Business Process Interoperability

Appendix B: Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)

Appendix C: Automated Tools for Process Modelling

Appendix D: Business Process Interoperability Maturity Model

Appendix E: Glossary of Terms

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