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ICT Investment Framework

The Department of Finance aims to improve the Australian Government's return on investment in ICT by enhancing strategic planning, agency capability, management and evaluation of ICT-enabled projects. Finance assists agencies to better align their ICT investment with their business and policy objectives and whole-of-government strategies.

Whole-of-Government ICT Investment Principles:

In January 2015, the Department of Finance released a revised set of Whole‑of‑Government ICT Investment Principles. The Principles are high-level statements of best practice aimed to ensure that ICT investment aligns with whole-of-government vision, strategy and policy. Agencies should be mindful of the Principles when:

  • considering investment in an ICT-enabled solution;
  • determining what ICT investment to prioritise for investment; and/or
  • developing a first pass business case as part of the ICT Investment Approval process.

Planning an ICT Investment:

The Department of Finance can provide advice to agencies planning to invest in ICT. We assist agencies to better understand organisational capability and ICT risks to the Government's policy and service delivery objectives; and plan for efficiencies and other benefits, for example, through joint system development and procurement. To request advice on your ICT initiatives, please e-mail

ICT Investment Approval Process:

The Government has implemented an ICT Investment Approval process for the development and review of business cases relating to ICT-enabled projects. The ICT Investment Approval process applies to ICT proposals with:

  • high risks in terms of technical complexity, workforce or schedule, and
  • a total cost of $30 million, including an ICT cost of $10 million or more.

Agencies must use the ICT Business Case Guide, templates and costing spreadsheet for ICT Investment Approval business cases, For proposals that do not meet the ICT Investment Approval criteria, an agency can still use these documents for developing business cases. Please also see the ICT Investment Approval FAQ for more information.

ICT Benchmarking:

Federal Government agencies subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) participate in annual benchmarking of their ICT activities. Further information is available on the ICT Benchmarking page.

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