The On-line Portal

An on-line portal is a deliverable under the Master Media Agency Services Deed and it is being implemented by dentsu X for use by all Customers. The portal, known as ‘Kiteworks’, is an Enterprise File Sync and Share system with core capabilities that include file sharing, secure viewing, mobile support and which provides market leading useability, search, collaboration and security.

In everyday terms, Kiteworks is a document management system that allows Customers buying advertising through the Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) Central Advertising System (CAS) to access all documents related to their advertising. Additional information on the requirements Kiteworks fulfils can be found in the Master Media Agency Services Deed at Schedule 1, clauses 2.19 and 2.20.

Although Kiteworks use is not mandatory, Customers are encouraged to use Kiteworks due to the convenience of readily accessing information and other benefits.

Kiteworks is accessible from most web browsers on any kind of device and is compliant with the Commonwealth Information Security Management standards set by the Australian Signals Directorate and moreover it is a simple to use system.

The platform provides for a single and auditable source of truth where both CAS Customers and dentsu X can see all documents, including their version history and action officer per document.  This does not prevent users from saving a copy of a document to their own desktop or database as a work in progress, but please note that the last uploaded version is the document used for decision-making purposes. A notification email will be sent to users when new documents are uploaded to the system.

Each customer can only view documents for which they have authorised access, as allocated by their dentsu X Client Service Team (CST) officer. The levels of access available to Customers of the CAS are as follows:

Access LevelHigh Level Description / Functionality
Collaborator Used if someone needs full access to folders; that is, upload, download and view files, and assign tasks to others with access to that folder
Downloader Used if someone needs to download and view files in a folder but is not required to upload new or updated file versions, or assign tasks to others with access to that folder
Viewer Used if a Customer needs to view files in a folder via the Accellion interface but are not required to download a file to their device or desktop

General administration of the folders and files will follow the structure dictated by the application but users can liaise with their CST officer regarding dentsu X’s capacity to accommodate special considerations. 

Please contact your dentsu X CST officer to discuss your Kiteworks access level requirements.

From time to time, dentsu X in collaboration with the Department of Finance hosts multi-agency seminars to introduce Commonwealth entities to Kiteworks. This format provides networking opportunities across entities and for specific issues to be raised and addressed according to an entity’s particular business need or as a Commonwealth wide solution.  These seminar opportunities will be notified by Finance to Commonwealth entities via email.

If your organisation has a number of staff needing an introduction to Kiteworks, please contact Ross Goodfellow of dentsu X at / 02 6203 4516.

Last updated: 11 December 2017