Contact Details

Department of Finance

For campaign advertising policy and guidance, including the Campaign Advertising Supplier Register, please contact the Communications Advice Branch.

Communications Advice Branch

Laurie Van Veen
Assistant Secretary

Phone: (02) 6215 3178

Michael Graham
Director, Communications Advice

Phone: (02) 6215 2328

Craig Donovan
Director, Communications Advice

Phone: (02) 6215 2411

For information and guidance relating to the government advertising arrangement (Deed), as well as guidance on Recruitment Advertising and Tender Notice Advertising policy, please contact the Procurement Management Branch.

Procurement Management Branch

Anne Collins
Assistant Secretary

Phone: (02) 6215 3152

Peter Bolton 
Director, Government Advertising

Phone: (02) 6215 2529

Government Advertising Arrangement Management
Phone: (02) 6215 3718

dentsu X

Campaign Advertising

Lyndall Black

General Manager of Government Services
Phone : +61 2 6203 4513
Mobile: +61 413 330 204

Non-Campaign Advertising

For Recruitment, Recruitment Programs, Public Notices & Tenders

Phone:         +61 3 9693 2272

To provide feedback on service delivery, please contact:

Janien Atkinson

Government Head of Non-Campaign 

Verification & Invoice Enquiries

Invoicing matters or credit card payment processes, contact: 

Verification of advertisement matters, contact:

Remittance advice matters, contact:

Last updated: 28 March 2018