Comcover: Practical Risk Management: More than just ticking boxes – Generalist Risk Management Professional Development Program

Generalist practical risk management

Two-day Workshop

The two-day workshop is designed to build on the eLearning course by focusing on the practical aspects of risk management. This next step is ideal for those wanting a more hands-on approach to learning and can be undertaken at any stage after completing the eLearning course.

This two day workshop runs from 9:00am to 5:00pm, March 3 and 4.

eLearning Course

The Risk Management Process eLearning module is designed to introduce you to the concepts and steps in the risk management process, emphasising that risk management related activities you undertake shouldn't be considered a 'one off' event and should be done with extensive consultation. This course is an important part of risk management learning and equivalent to attending a full day of face-to-face training. It can be undertaken without participating in the two-day workshop.

Program Objective

The objective of this program is to provide depth of knowledge to staff at all levels on how to effectively apply good risk management to every day work.

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • describe the key risk management concepts
  • explain the operation of the seven step risk management process
  • apply the seven step risk management process to produce a sound risk assessment and treatment plan.

Target Audience

Commonwealth officials whose role requires them to engage with and apply their entity's risk management framework to deliver successful outcomes.


Online at the Comcover Learning Centre (user account required).

To assist with catering and administration, please contact us or 1800 651 540 to let us know if you cannot attend.

Program Fee


Program Venue

Department of Finance, Galambany Conference Centre, One Canberra Avenue Forrest, ACT 2601


It is advisable to arrive early because paid parking is limited around the Department, some options are provided below:

Little National Hotel, 21 National Circuit, Barton

Realm Hotel, entry via Burbury Close, Barton

For further enquiries

Please email

Phone: 1800 651 540

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