Driving duties and training information

What is COMCAR looking for in its drivers?

  • Good customer service skills.
  • Ability to work flexible hours, including at any time of the day or night, weekends and public holidays.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • High level of confidentiality and integrity.
  • Discretion and professionalism.
  • Self motivated with a positive attitude.
  • Highly competent driving skills including local geographical knowledge.

What does a COMCAR driver role involve?

Our COMCAR drivers will be responsible for:

  • providing car-with-driver services as directed, in a safe, courteous and efficient manner to all COMCAR clients.
  • maintaining a professional appearance at all times, including between driving duties.
  • carrying luggage, opening vehicle doors and assisting passengers as required.
  • proactively maintaining the vehicles cleanliness to ensure a high level of presentation to all clients.
  • observing confidentiality protocols, discretion and business policies and procedures, including maintenance of accurate documentation.
  • carrying out vehicle clean, administrative and ad hoc depot duties as required.

Are the hours flexible?


COMCAR requires drivers for ad-hoc work including early morning, late evening, weekends and public holidays, as well as during normal business hours. 

Depending on individual circumstances, certain days of the week or flexible hours may be offered, to fit in with childcare or school hours.

Please note: There are no guaranteed hours, but minimum periods of duty apply in each state three hours all states.

What will an average day of work consist of?

Shifts commence on arrival at the depot.  

Prior to commencing driving each day, it is mandatory to undertake vehicle presentation and basic safety checks (eg; tyres, oil, water). Cleaning and detailing of the vehicle will be required to be undertaken as part of each shift.

In addition to the driving duties, from time to time opportunities arise for ad-hoc administrative duties to be performed.

Drivers are required to attend monthly driver meetings and additional training where required.

If I am a part time employee am I still eligible to apply?


Successful applicants are required to notify their Manager of any other employment (paid or unpaid) outside COMCAR.  This is to assist in the management of health or fatigue in line with COMCAR’s Fatigue Management Guidelines and to alleviate any concerns that may restrict a driver’s ability to safely perform their duties.

Consistent with the APS Code of Conduct, any employment outside of COMCAR (paid or unpaid) that may reasonably be perceived as a conflict of interest, must be notified to COMCAR. The nature of this other employment, including the employer and relevant duties must be discussed.

Will a uniform be provided?


Drivers are allocated a full uniform as part of employment.

Will I receive driver training?


Applicants will undergo a series of driver training assessments, with an initial low risk driver training course to be completed prior to engagement. This initial assessment will cover knowledge of basic road rules, road awareness and general driving skills. Additional higher level training will be provided at a later stage during employment.

Please Note:   The initial driver assessment course will be at no cost; however, applicants will not be paid by COMCAR for the time attended at this course.

Do I have to meet all of the eligibility criteria and satisfactorily complete the required training activities in order to perform duties at COMCAR?


Applicants will be required to pass the relevant driver training assessment prior to engagement. Failure to pass the initial assessment will result in applicants not being offered employment with COMCAR.

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