Transcript - Take a fresh look at Finance

Text on screen: So... How well do you really know Finance?

Our work

The myth
Finance is all about the numbers

Animation: Numbers and a graph.

Text on screen: The truth
We do lots of interesting work

Animation: Four different bubbles appear around a building that represents Finance. The bubbles contain words and images of the following:

Property and construction
Government advertising
Scoping studies

Text on screen: The myth
Finance doesn’t embrace creativity

Animation: People at desks.

Text on screen: The truth
We love to innovate

Animation: People at desks transform into colourful people working innovatively.

Text on screen: Our people

The myth
Only accountants work at Finance

Animation: Male and female characters dressed as accountants.

Text on screen: The truth
We have people with all sorts of experience

Animation: Accountants change to people with lots of different experiences, including:

Biotechnology innovation
Customer service
Graphics design
Primary education

Text on screen: The myth
Finance people just say ‘no’

Animation: Lots of signs appear saying ‘no’.

Text on screen: The truth
We welcome real conversations

Animation: Circles with people appear. Scene ends dotted lines connecting one group of people to another.

Text on screen: The myth
Finance is all about work, work, work

Animation: Generic workers appear.

Text on screen: The truth
As a community, we have lots to offer

Animation: Different networks and groups that Finance has to offer appear. This includes:

The Finance Women’s Network
The Social Network
Gym facilities
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network
Sporting teams
The young Leaders Network
The Diversity Network
A choir

Text on screen: The myth
Finance has no heart

Animation: A heart cracking.

Text on screen: The truth
We really care

Animation: A heart reassembling and the following words/images appear around the heart:

Welcoming to people of all abilities
Flexible working arrangements
Serious illness leave registry
Breast-feeding friendly workplace
Finance flagship charity
Employee assistance programme

Text on screen: The truth
Finance is really so much more than you think

Animation: Lots of people, who change to be in bright colours and then morph into lots of different types of people.

Text on screen: So... Take a fresh look at Finance

Last updated: 19 May 2015