To help officials understand their roles and responsibilities under the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework the following training programs and products are available:

Commonwealth Resource Management (CRM) eLearning

The CRM eLearning program has been developed to help officials understand and comply with the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework, underpinned by the PGPA Act.

Officials can do the following CRM eLearning modules online:

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Resource Management and Budget (RMB) training

The RMB training program provides an overview of the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework. The RMB training program is relevant to anyone working in a Commonwealth entity who is responsible for using or management of public resources. Finance has established a panel of training providers who can assist entities to tailor and deliver RMB training to officials in their entity.

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Risk Management training and eLearning modules

The Risk Management Training Courses are designed to increase awareness of risk across the Commonwealth Public Sector and encourage better practice in public sector risk management.  Officials can now:

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Fraud awareness eLearning

The Fraud Awareness eLearning Training Package helps officials to understand the requirements in the PGPA Act and the PGPA Rule.  This eLearning module has been developed by the Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) and is currently available through the Commonwealth Fraud Control Govdex Community.

For further information about the Fraud Awareness eLearning Training Package or for access to the Fraud Control Govdex Community, contact

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Procurement professional development

Finance provides Procurement professional development through the monthly Procurement Bulletin, an electronic bulletin that provides information on topical procurement developments, promotes Commonwealth Government procurement employment opportunities, and advertises future procurement events.  Finance also provides the Commonwealth Contracting Suite for procurements under $200,000.

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Finance publishes Grants News, a quarterly publication to assist officials in Commonwealth entities working in grants administration.  Finance also provides the Commonwealth Low-Risk Grant Agreement Template.

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CBMS training

Central Budget Management System (CBMS) training provides training for staff of Commonwealth entities who use, or will have to use, CBMS. Training sessions are scheduled according to the budget process timetable and user demand.

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Resource Management Training community of practice

Finance has established a community of practice focused on resource management education and skills development. The community is designed to help entities ensure their officials have access to the right information, tools, and training to understand their responsibilities under the resource management framework. It provides a forum to:

  • share ideas and education products
  • discuss financial training needs
  • develop, pilot and evaluate new or updated training materials.

The community has played a key role in the design and development of the RMB training products through participation in a co-design and piloting process.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the community please contact the

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