Finance has developed and delivers (or supports the delivery of) the following training programs and products:

Resource Management Training

Commonwealth Resource Management (CRM) eLearning Program

The CRM eLearning Program is being developed to help officials understand and comply with the new PGPA Act framework.  The core program will consist of 4 core eLearning modules:

  • Introduction to the PGPA Act  (now available)
  • Spending relevant money (coming soon)
  • Duties of officials (coming soon)
  • Duties of accountable authorities (coming soon).

The modules will have a staggered release as they are developed and will be made available for entities to download and use via GovDex .  Further specialist modules will follow the release of the core program.

The CRM eLearning Program will initially be available for entities to run on your own systems (the program is being built in Lecotra and is HTML, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 compliant). If you would like Module 1 for your entity but don’t have access to GovDex , please contact and we will arrange to provide the Module to you another way.

Resource Management and Budget (RMB) training program

 The Resource Management and Budget (RMB) training program provides an introduction to the Australian Government's resource management framework. The RMB training program is relevant to anyone working in an Australian Government entity who is responsible for using or management of public resources. Finance has established a panel of training providers who can assist entities to tailor and deliver RMB training.

The RMB program is currently being updated to take account of the introduction of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

The revised RMB program is expected to be released after July 2014.

For more information on the RMB training program or the panel of training providers please email

CBMS Training

Central Budget Management System (CBMS) training provides training for staff of Australian Government entities who use, or will have to use, the Australian Government's CBMS. Training sessions are scheduled according to the budget process timetable and user demand.

For more information on the CBMS training contact (02) 6215 2205 or

Procurement Training

Finance provides Procurement training to:

  • introduce staff of Australian Government entities to the Government's procurement policy framework and
  • provide more specific training for procurement officers and contract managers.

For information on the Procurement training contact

Risk Management Training

Comcover, the Australian Government's general insurance fund, has developed Risk Management Training Courses for staff of Australian Government entities to promote better practice risk management. Entities can also use Finance's panel of training providers to tailor and deliver risk management training.

For information on the risk management courses (including upcoming training) contact

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