List of Australian Government Bodies and Governance Relationships

The Government announced on 13 May 2014 that an online database of Australian Government entities will be released later in 2014.

The List of Australian Government Bodies and Governance Relationships as at 1 October 2009 (the List) is the third produced by the Department of Finance. It updates the previous edition of the List, reflecting changes that have occurred between 31 December 2004 and 1 October 2009 and has been compiled with the assistance of all Departments of State and the Departments of the Parliament.

The List provides a broad overview of the administrative, legal and financial structures that the Australian Government uses to develop and administer policies, deliver services and to enforce laws. It achieves this by providing details of statutory and non-statutory bodies, companies and incorporated associations that the Australian Government controls or has an interest in at a formal level, such as an ability to appoint directors.  It also details separately-branded functions and formal relationships that are commonly treated like bodies such as trusts, partnerships and joint ventures. Parliamentary bodies are detailed in a separate part of the List.

Contact details for agencies and certain officials can be obtained through the Government Online Directory [External Site].

3rd Edition as at 1 October 2009

Individual Portfolios

Please note that the List contains nearly 600 pages. Download individual portfolio chapters.

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The List is complemented by the Governance Arrangements for Australian Government Bodies policy document which outlines principles for helping determine the most appropriate structures and governance arrangements for Australian Government bodies.

A Flipchart of Commonwealth entities and companies is available: Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 - Commonwealth entities and companies Flipchart

The lists of FMA Act and CAC Act bodies are being archived separately.

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