Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit

Role of the JCPAA

The Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit (JCPAA) is a committee of Members and Senators of the Australian Parliament that is established under the Public Accounts and Audit Committee Act 1951. The purpose of the JCPAA is to hold Commonwealth entities to account for the lawfulness, efficiency and effectiveness with which they use public resources. See the Parliament of Australia website External Site for more information on the JCPAA and JCPAA’s inquiries and reports.

Consideration of JCPAA reports

The process for entities to address JCPAA reports was agreed by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) and the JCPAA and is outlined in the following guide. The guide includes an executive minute template to assist entities to prepare responses to administrative recommendations.

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Last updated: 01 July 2016