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Australians' Use of and Satisfaction with e-Government Services - 2006

Publication Summary

Australians' Use of and Satisfaction with e-Government Services – 2006 is the second annual report in a planned time series study.

The initial study was commissioned in 2004 to establish a baseline understanding of Australia's uptake of, satisfaction with, and barriers to, the use of e‑government services. The report, published in 2005, also showed the level of citizen satisfaction with those services together with their preferences and expectations. It focused on citizens’ use of government services provided via various channels by the three levels of government in Australia.

The 2006 survey continues the measurement of the uptake of government services provided through the internet and other channels by undertaking a quantitative and qualitative study of Australians’ use of these services across all tiers of government. The survey and report presents and analyses data collected on:

  1. use of government services, including their level of interaction (information sourcing or transacting), channel of service delivery, level of government;
  2. use of e‑government services (services delivered online and via the phone);
  3. motivations for and barriers to using e-government services;
  4. satisfaction with e‑government services; and
  5. future service delivery preferences

Full Publication

Australians' Use of and Satisfaction with e-Government Services - 2006 [PDF Document 531 KB]

Table of Contents


1. Executive summary

1.1 Background to the study
1.2 About the study
1.3 Approach to study
1.4 Major findings

2. Accessing and using e-government services

2.1 Use of government services provided through the internet
2.2 Overall use of government services

3. Types of services being accessed

3.1 Most popular service categories
3.2 Most popular specific services
3.3 Services most frequently accessed via all channels

4. Demographic profiles of users of e-government services

4.1Profiles of users of government services

5. Motivators of channel use

5.1 Reasons for using the internet to contact government services
5.2 Reasons for using the telephone to contact government services
5.3 Reasons for contacting government services in person
5.4 Reasons for using mail to contact government services

6. Barriers to e-government use

6.1 Barriers to increased use of the internet
6.2 Barriers to increased use of the telephone

7. E-government satisfaction

7.1 Satisfaction with service
7.2 Current causes of dissatisfaction

8. Future preferences for e-government use

8.1 Preferred channel for accessing government services
8.2 Change in use of government websites
8.3 Factors that would encourage use of the internet
8.4 Preferences for website structures and locations

9. Security and privacy issues

9.1 Trade-offs between anonymity, convenience and security

10. Conclusions

10.1 Conclusions about motivations for channel selection
10.2 Conclusions about barriers to e-government uptake
10.3 Conclusions about e-government satisfaction
10.4 Conclusions about future preferences for e-government use
10.5 Conclusions about security and privacy issues

11. Appendix – Background and methodology

11.1 Terms of reference
11.2 Research team
11.3 Methodology

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