Parliamentary Budget Office - Guidance

Australian Government Protocols Governing the Engagement between Commonwealth Bodies and the Parliamentary Budget Officer

The Government has released Protocols that establish the basis on which the Heads of Commonwealth bodies will manage their interactions with the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), including ensuring that the Parliamentary Budget Officer is provided with appropriate and ready access to information and documents relevant to the functions of the PBO.

Memorandum of Understanding between the Parliamentary Budget Office and the Heads of Commonwealth Bodies in relation to the Provision of Information and Documents

This MOU is made between the Heads of the Department of the Treasury and the Department of Finance and Deregulation - and on behalf of the Heads of those Commonwealth bodies listed at Attachment A of the MOU - and the Parliamentary Budget Officer in relation to the provision of information and documents to support the functions of the Parliamentary Budget Office.

Memorandum of Understanding Templates

The Provision of Information template at Attachment C is to be utilised by Commonwealth Government bodies when submitting information to the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

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Last updated: 14 February 2014